Project Management First class- We talked about how ourmarks will be evaluated, how important our attendance is, number of assignmentswe will get in this whole semester, we looked at the topics we will get to know.Project- it is a specific aim or target given to a team oran individual to complete in given time period, for instance project we got in 1stsemester for html creating a web page it was a four people group we were asked to make that project till march 15, addingdifferent styles putting everyone’s hard work we created a web page for a hotelmany images and adding up creativity of my colleagues. We got 79% in thatassignment.

Management- it is they way how carefully we do a given taskand how we manage to do it  like what to do first in our project we first made a rough sketch how we willadd the columns and how many pages are we going to add in it and then wedistributed the tasks who will do what. Secondclass – new teacher he told us about him self that he had worked in it departmenthe use to work with 3-4 computers as the world is changing new languages arecoming and some people because of that many people need to upgrade their course.He also told us about the PMP test how we can give that test and also get certifiedand get a good job Third class – why project managementand related topics our first topic that was defining a plan andorganising –  projects are alwaysconfusing we always have to make plan to start them organising things. It is akind of plan we need to make so that we can reach our goal and outcomes.And it is time to establish the timetable what to and whento do and also decide some cost planOur teacher told us how important it is to co-operate and work in a teamencouraging other team members to participate and also put forward their ideas andhelp each other makes it work better and the output always seems to be inclined.

Resources  that are used in a project suchas we used our notes, laptops, internet and other things to complete our webpage. They are like basic stuff needed for every project.Control cost – project in business world need money and they have to controlthe cost so that the budget set by the higher people won’t go down and thisdecrease the risk of failure in the particular budget.Managing changes – it is something really important to learn because there is alwayssome changes in project as he explained giving example of a painter painting a roomand then suddenly boss says he don’t want this colour and you have to change itand that time person have to call some more people and need more resources todo that.Managing qualities – quality is what your whole project depends on.

If thequality is not good, then consumers won’t give any orders again but if it isthen we can earn a lot out of it. It tells about the liability and helps gainmore business.Retain and use information – collecting knowledge and usingit is crucial step. Project done by a person having more data in the field havemore chances to succeed than others, so this is something to be concerned of howto use is.

Right information is something good but using it correctly is harderto do.Learning from Failure – without getting fail in something you never know whatvalue those it holds. Failure is step towards the success it gives you a chanceto learn what mistakes you make and how to learn from them, fall get up andstep forward the key to success failure means another chance to learn and let others know how capable you are –         Harleen kaur brar (698787)  


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