Privacy is a universalneed for all humans.

However, to some extent, too much privacy incur boredom ina normal life thus question the actual need for confidentiality and callingupon the constitutional reformers to be in a dilemma of what privacy means. Asmuch as people yearn to have their own time to do their stuff, life cannot beenjoyable whenever there are devoid doors. Again, people would wish to havetheir own time but would not want to live alone with any other than themselvesat their homes.

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Murphy (n.p) expresses the dilemma of life in the perspectivethat even though people need privacy, the controversy happens on social mediawhere the share malicious and confidential information to the vulnerable socialmedia sites. Murphy(n. p) expresses a feeling of melancholy after a realization that the youthsare the most vulnerable to a breach of privacy. As much as the youths want toshare information on social media sites, Murphy offers the evidence that peoplestill want to hold on to their privacy by creating lots of fake identities.According to the internet, there is no privacy at all since there are lots ofcreepy targeted ads that keep ripping people off. Also, there is a widespreadof cyber snooping like the one that happened on May 17, 2017, costing theprivacy of computer systems in more than 150 countries.

There is no privacy atall nowadays thus the call to privacy is gradually diminishing. Murphy, throughGeorge Orwell’s research, outlines that, privacy is yearning for all humans butthe same individuals yearning for it are the perpetrators of a breach toprivacy. People spend more time scrolling social media sites in search ofinformation and viewing indiscreet tweets and posts that are meant to beprivate.

Just like another Ted talk asserted, privacy is highly abused bysocial media, for instance, Facebook that can use portrait mapping and othertechnologies to reveal more information about a person’s whereabouts, currentlocation, and their social life. Thedigital crowding that is widely abused on online leads to social strife and aloss of personal space that was geared to be there in space. Nowadays scammers,cyber crackers and other people with malicious reasons take advantage of theonline flocking space to scrutinize into personal data thus using theinformation to blackmail the people. Indeed, digital crowding has impactedprivacy thus the need for privacy is at risk. Another aspect to worry about iswhether there is still the cultural connection that used to value privacy, yetpeople keep on sharing achingly personal data on social media. For that matter,cybercrimes have become the call of the day since freedom on social media hassteadily increased the wealth of the society. Inconclusion, since the onset of social media has changed the actual meaning ofthe call to privacy, it should be noted that when people yearn for privacy, itdoes not necessarily mean that they want to hide something dirty, but they justwant to have their space and hold on to themselves.

Therefore, as much as peoplekeep sharing their stuff on the internet, there are certain things andinformation that everyone would not want to let to the world.


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