PREVENTIVETECHNIQUESMOHAMMEDKHANUNIVERSITYOF CUMBERLANDS            ABSTARCT:I am going to take theexample where physical security was at risk. I will be considering few exampleswhere the security was at risk, I am going to consider an example involving thephysical security of an IT company where few preventative measures would havehelped the company from being hacked.   MEASURESTHAT COULD HAVE PREVENTED THE THREAT OF PHYSICAL SECURITYA)    LOCK UP SERVER ROOMIndeed, even before yousecure the servers, actually, before you even turn them on out of the blue, youought to guarantee that there are great bolts on the server room entryway.

Obviously, the best secure on the planet does no great on the off chance thatit isn’t utilized, so you additionally require strategies requiring that thoseentryways be bolted whenever the room is vacant, and the arrangements shouldset out who has the key or key code to get in. B)    SET UP OBSERVATIONLocking the way to theserver room is a decent initial step, yet somebody could soften up, or somebodywho has approved access could abuse that expert. You require an approach toknow who goes in and out and when. A log book for marking in and out is the mostnatural approach to achieve this, yet it has a great deal of disadvantages. Aman with noxious aim is probably going to simply sidestep it.

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A superiorarrangement than the log book is a validation framework fused into the lockinggadgets, with the goal that a shrewd card, token, or biometric examine isrequired to open the entryways, and a record is made of the character of everyindividual who enters. C)    USE RACK MOUNT SERVERSRack mount servers notjust take up less server room land; they are additionally less demanding tosecure. Albeit littler and ostensibly lighter than (a few) tower frameworks,they can without much of a stretch be bolted into shut racks that, once stackedwith a few servers, would then be able to be darted to the floor, making thewhole bundle relatively difficult to move, considerably less to take. D)    DON’T OVERLOOK THE WORK STATIONSProgrammerscan utilize any unsecured PC that is associated with the system to get to orerase data that is essential to your business.

Workstations at vacant workareas or in discharge workplaces, (for example, those utilized byrepresentatives who are on an excursion or have left the organization and notyet been supplanted) or at areas effortlessly available to pariahs, forexample, the front assistant’s work area, are especially defenceless. E)    KEEP INTERLOPERS FROM OPENING THECASEThe two servers andworkstations ought to be shielded from criminals who can open the case andsnatch the hard drive. It’s significantly simpler to grab a hard circle in yourpocket than to take a full pinnacle away the premises. Numerous PCs accompanycase locks to avert opening the case without a key. REFERENCESarma, S. E.

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