Presentland surveying techniques which are currently used in India require morehumans, more time and costlier instruments in order to measure the area ofparticular land 1. To reduce these limitations authors proposed concepts of”land surveying using quad copter and GPS”. To measure the area of a givenland, the quad copter will be travelled to the starting point of the land; thiscan be any point on the edge of the land which has to be surveyed. Location ofthat point will be capture in terms of latitude and longitude coordinates. Thedata from the GPS module is transferred to the ground station through ZIG-BEEtransmitter and receiver.

The overall Project was carried out to reduce thecost and make human efforts less in surveying the land, which is achievedthrough this project. The idea of using quad copter and GPS got for theproposed system. By using quad copter, we will be able to capture the image ofplot and by using image processing technique; we can easily calculate the area.And the GPS can be used for controlling the moving vehicle.The unmanned vehicle is ‘quadcopter’, where the quad copter is used for taking highly overlapped photos ofthe area of interest 2. The generated photo of area undergo further processlike digital models, digital terrain model and access volume of variousmaterials. System uses them to get information from places which cannot beeasily (or safely) accessed, like highways or rocky cliffs.

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Since themeasurements do not interfere with traffic of work processes, we can use lowaltitude photo-grammetry to offer elegant control measurements of quarries,landfills, highways or roads. Calculations given are much tougher. Idea got-Thelow altitude photos can used for calculation of area, at a specific interval oftime using UAV.The images from UAV were used forortho-mosaic and digital terrain model (DTM) generation, thus allowing forhigh-resolution landslide monitoring 3.

Several new open source image- and DTM processing tools are now providing a completeremote sensing working cycle with the use of no commercial hard- or software.Public domain image processing tools for low-cost ortho-rectification andmosaic blending were used. A couple of public domain image processing tools forlow-cost ortho-rectification and mosaic blending were used.The purpose of surveying robot is tostreamline a series of work at sites, such as transportation and setting ofsurveying equipment, surveying, the recording of coordinates data, to achievelabor-saving and high efficiencies in surveying work 4.

They can move acrossan up-and-down site with all equipment necessary for surveying including atotal station, a precise instrument, loaded on them. Errors caused by man inreading and writing coordinates data are eliminated, and coordinates data canbe prepared efficiently at the site office. Aiming at labor-saving andimproving efficiency in surveying work, developed surveying robot that carries out at sites transportation andinstallation of surveying instruments, surveying, recording coordinates data,treating and managing coordinates data at the site office. Here from thisproject we took the idea of surveying robot as a sketching robot. Instead ofhaving the surveying equipment on it, we try to move the sketching robotthroughout the plot, for measuring the land area.

With help of these sketchingrobots, the points to be measured are plotted and calculate area.In this system it is shown how a UAVsystem can be built at low cost and the main focus of this contribution is onthe generation of 3D point clouds 5. In this system it takes the 3D pictureof land and the calculating the area.

This system gives the accuratemeasurements and this system is used for the troposphere survey. Thecalculation of area is completely depended on the software used and unmannedaerial vehicle is used for capturing the points. Advantages; the existingsystem provides accurate measurements. And the software used provides all thecorrect measurement. This existing system helps us the measuring easy to do themeasuring easily.

And the idea of capturing images.New applications in the short andclose range domain are introduced, being the UAVs a low-cost alternative to theclassical manned aerial photogrammetric 6. The UAVs are capable of photogrammetric data acquisition, SLR digitalcameras, can fly in manual, semi-automated and autonomous modes.

It has anability to quickly deliver high temporal and spatial resolution imageinformation and to allow a rapid response in a number of critical situationswhere immediate access to 3D geo information is crucial. Fast data acquisition,transmission and no runway area is required. Especially, in case of large scaleprojects and non flat objects (e.

g. buildings, towers, rock faces, etc.) thesame task becomes much more complex in case of 3D objects requiring convergentimages and, maybe, vertical stripes.Distance measurement is a basicoperation that every surveyor must be able to perform with the tools available7. For large property dealings its take much more time to measure thedistance between two points. To avoid this tiring procedure of area calculationthat involves separate side measurement, carrying of the equipment and sendingthe obtained side to total station, they incorporate Survey robot whichcombines all these features. In other words, it performs three most importanttasks. Firstly, it can be freely moved about the plot when given a desireddirection.

Secondly, it obtains the length of any desired plot as it moves andtransmits the length. This transmitted length is stored in the PC and then anarea measurement module is used to find the area. Thirdly, if the user wishesto subdivide his entire plot then we just need to program the Survey robotappropriately and the subdivision of plot is done in a very less duration.


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