Prejudice is known as a barrier because these are peoplesopinions that are not based on grounds of facts or any forms of reasoning. Thesecan sometimes be of a hostile nature and be prejudice against others on thegrounds of race, gender, ethnicity, religious and social groups and many more. An example of a barrier that can be classed an issue withinmy workplace is structural barriers.

Some service users receive income thatonly covers their costs of care and basic needs such as buying toiletries andfunding for part of their activities. This presents as a problem as it limitsthe amount of activities they can get involved with especially if there is nofunding available to ease the financial strain of doing activities.  Communication barriers can exist when there is a differencein the way that people communicate. For example they may have an impairmentwhich leads to problems in communication. In my workplace, a service usercannot communicate verbally but can use certain specific Makaton sign languagesto indicate his needs and requirements. Therefore having communication plansthat are detailed, regularly reviewed and updated, including every way in whichhe communicates through sign language, body language, facial expressions,having picture-reference books and aids means the communication barrier can beovercome. Religious barriers are what people believe and can presentas spirituality differences amongst people.

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This can cause a sense ofsegregation because people of certain religions may be looked on unfavourablyand disregarded by a group of people or even society. This can also relate tocultural traditions and differences that cause barriers because it is aninfluence put on how people are brought up with different beliefs. This cancause a barrier to form because it means people are brought up with otherpeoples beliefs. For example it can disregard other spiritual and religiousbeliefs, it can disregard any belief that does not follow their traditions.

Institutional barriers can include the types of policies and proceduresthat are in place and prevent service users the freedom of certain things. Forexample, if there is a general policy and procedure around health and safetyand prevents the service users and staff from walking around the house in theirslippers, especially if there is no health and safety risk or hazards thatpresent itself with this area then this can be classed as a type ofinstitutional barrier. 


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