Poverty is not onlythe lack of money, food, and clothes.

Poverty is when people do not have enoughknowledge about the world, life, relations between each other. It is when theydo not know their rights, how to deal with injustice, when they do not knowwhere to work and what to do. This probably then can lead to crime, becausethey will think that it is not fair that someone can live better than they do.

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So, the role of government is to take care of the people, from their earlybirth. In order to reduce poverty and inequality, the government should providea possibility for children to attend nursery, primary, and secondary school forfree. This means in that case, both parents will have an opportunity to work,instead of staying at home with a child. Getting the education, pupils willobtain basic knowledge, and understanding which sphere are they interested in,so then they can chose universities with specializations, which they will wantto know deeper. From this knowledge they can earn money. For children of poorfamilies, the government should provide scholarships, which will help them toget higher education in the University. The money for such educational programsthe government could get from progressive income taxation, in taxing peoplewith higher incomes at higher rates. During the last year of higher education,the government should to promote among the universities programs which willgive an opportunity for the student to learn practical skills for his futureprofession.

After a good education, which, of course, the government shouldalso provide, now, an adult person with wide knowledge and skills should go onto find a job, earn money, live in welfare, and pay taxes. This will help toresolve many issues then. But for this to happen, the government should developan effective employment policy, that not only create jobs, but almost mustensure that more people are prepared to hold good jobs, that those jobs areavailable, and that workers can stay employed long enough to earn securityagainst the threats of old age, ill health, and other personal problems.Employment and the present programs of the social role will provide theseelements of security for most people.

And security means confidence that therights of all citizens will be protected and that equal opportunities will beafforded to all. For those young people and adults who have missed the chanceto gain high quality education by the usual means, remedial training programsand help with job placement are the surest way to avoid wasted lives, for both,for them and for the society at large. Also, to promote the wellbeing of thecitizens the government should maintain economic stability and promote economicgrowth. These two factors are powerful in reducing poverty, and the governmentcan provide it by three basic tools: Spending on programs that provide cashbenefits to individuals or institutions, creating incentives through programsof tax preferences, loans, and economic management by the government, andRequiring individuals and institutions to act in such ways that will serve thenational interest through laws and regulations.

The government must maintain abalanced control over everything that occurs inside and outside of the country.It should develop national products, instead of prohibiting import, and helpthe national producer obtain new technologies. That will be more effective andless harmful for nature. The government should establish which product do thecountry produce best, and form the identity of the state around this product.

In conclusion, thegovernment of a State is in power to care for the State and economy, and alsothe people. It can look out for the interests of its people by providingassistance programs, marginal taxation, and credit programs – the aim of whichto make loans available for selected activities on more favorable terms thanbanks or other financial institutions would offer.The government will cope withpoverty and inequality. The most important, that it is not just to say that thenew government will do it, but really do it.


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