Positive Article Meal plans includedplenty of fruits and vegetables are very healthy for human’s body. People knowfruits and vegetables are healthy and valuable.

If people eat meals thatcomposed of these foods, their body have enough supply of vitamins,antioxidants, and minerals. The meal plans help people lose weight. The researchshows that “several fad diets are compared. The scientists found out that the comparedfad diets can lead to a weight loss between 4.6 to 7.3 pounds within a year” (editorof HRF, 2014).

The fad nutritional or meal plans can help people to stay healthy.The bodily health is not only one the fad diets recover. In bodily health, peoplelose weight which removes the risks associated with being overweight. They feelhappier seeing the results of their effort and they get rid of any emotionalissues. Fad diets help people focus on their own health and well-being. Thefailure of the fad diet causes people reconsider their eating habits and changeto a healthier eating lifestyle.

Negative Article The nutritionalfad may help people to lose weight immediately, however people’s weight is justreturn once they go back to their eating habits. The nutritional diets declineto teach people good eating habits to last a lifetime. The fad diets failbecause they can pressure the body to burn off the energy from food before thehuman’s body burns any actual body fat.

For example, the body burns glycogenfrom carbohydrates extended over time before it burns stored body fat.According to the American Council on Exercise, they note that “one-thirdof all weight lost with a diet is regained within one year and most is regainedwithin three to five years” (Cespedes, 2017). The nutritional fads arelacking as they stop an entire food group or other groups. However, some peoplecan follow a balanced diet. The nutritional fad is so restrictive in terms ofthe foods that people are allowed to consume. These unhealthy habits ofrestrictive food consumption can lead to eating disorders that cause people tomonitor food intake over period of time. If they decrease the nutritional ordiet wagon, they may feel like a failure and a healthy weight is not withintheir ability.

Many fad diets don’t boost exercise. Some nutritional fad can beharmful to people’s health.


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