Population andGeneral Demographics:            The United States Census Bureau estimatedthe population of Monterey County to be 415,057 people out of a totalpopulation of 37,253,956 in California in the year 2010 (United States CensusBureau, 2010). In 2016, the population of Monterey was estimated to be 435,232people out of a total population of 39,250,017. However, Monterey County’spopulation was listed at 437,138 on counties.org (California State Associationof Counties, 2014). Compared to all 58 counties in California, Monterey is afairly large county. Between the years of 2010 and 2016, there was a change of4.

9% in population.              Statistics pertaining to age showed personsunder 5 years in 2016 was 7.4% of the population, persons under 18 was 26.3%,and persons 65 years of age and older was at 12.7% (United States CensusBureau, 2016). Census data coinciding with cultural and ethnic backgroundindicated that the county is comprised predominantly of persons of White orCaucasian race totaling 82.6% of the population, and Hispanic or Latino race at58.3% of the population.

Persons of Asian race was estimated to be 6.8% of thepopulation and Black or African descent being the lowest, at 3.5% of thepopulation.

Socioeconomic:      Socioeconomic indicators consider datasuch as poverty rates, rates of unemployment, average household income, changesin population, and levels of education. In 2015, data from the U.S. Departmentof Agriculture projected overall poverty in the state of California to be 15.4%and poverty within Monterey County to be 15.3% (United States Department ofAgriculture, 2017). 2015 USDA figures revealed that children and teen from 0 to17 years of age live in poverty, making up 22.3% of the population.

Additionally,according to data from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research (UCLA CHPR), in2014 it was estimated that 40% of adults had an income less than 200% below thefederal poverty level (FPL) (UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, 2014). Californiaoverall was calculated to have 36.4% of adults with income less than 200% FPL. Moreover,numbers from UCLA CHPR charts reported 52.

8% of adults living with children hadan income less than 200% FPL while the percentage of adults living withchildren in California overall was 45.1.             Further data by the USDAdemonstrated the median income per household was $60,047 with a 8.1%unemployment rate in the year 2015. The unemployment rate was at 8.5% in 2008,increasing to 11.

5% in 2014, 12.7% in 2015, and steadily decreasing to 7.6% in2016; the lowest the unemployment rate has been in nearly a decade (UnitedStates Department of Agriculture, 2017). Monterey County is among the fortunatecounties in California that has a moderately low unemployment rate in 2016. Educationallevels in the county are average.

During the years 2011 to 2015, the USDAestimated 23.1% of the population to reportedly have finished college, whileduring the same years only 20.8% completed high school (United StatesDepartment of Agriculture, 2017). Over the past four decades the rate ofnon-completion in high school decreased from 37.5% in 1970 to 29.3% in 2015.Similar trends are seen across all counties with a higher percentage of highschool graduates in recent years.

In 2017 alone, 85% of Monterey County isreported to have attained a high school graduation.Health:             In 2017, Monterey County ranked 22 outof 57 in health outcomes from countyhealthrankings.org (University of WisconsinPopulation Health Institute, 2017). Health factors ranked 27 and healthbehaviors came in at 18. This data indicates the county’s health behaviors tobe relatively similar to California’s overall health behavior percentages. Statisticsshown: 11% of Monterey County’s population are adult smokers, 22% are adultswith obesity, 18% drink excessively, and so on.

Countyhealthrankings goes on tolist health behaviors related to physical activity. An area of strength inMonterey County is the low percentage of physically inactivity. According tothe data, 87% of the population has access to exercise opportunities and only 17%of the population is physically inactive.

In 2011 and 2012, health outcomesrelated to children and teens (ages 17 and under) by the California HealthInterview Survey (CHIS) reported 7.3% having asthma, 11.5% of children age 2-11being overweight for their age, and 29.5% of children age 12.17 beingoverweight or obese (UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, 2012.) Inaddition, health behaviors associated with children and teens in MontereyCounty include: 18.

2% of children (age 5-17) engaged in regular physicalactivity, 34.1% (age 2-17) consumed fast food at least twice each week, 26.0%(age 2-11) consumed 1+ beverages with high sugar content, and 76.

1% (age 12-17)consumed 1+ high sugar content drinks. The Uninsured:             The uninsured rate represents apercentage of the population under the age of 65 that does not have healthinsurance. The most recent retrievable data for the year of 2014 from the CHISshows that 38.

1% of adults living in Monterey County are uninsured. Follow-updata from countyhealthrankings.org reveals a decreasing uninsured rate of 17%in 2017 (University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, 2017). Again,this 17% only applies to adults under the age of 65.  During the years 2011 to 2012, an estimated 11.

4%of children and teens were uninsured. And 21.4% of the population experienceddelays in obtaining prescription drugs or for medical services (UCLA Center forHealth Policy Research, 2011-2014). Managed Care:             Research from the Department ofHealth Care Services (DHCS) “Medi-Cal Managed Care Enrollment Report” indicatesthat Monterey County (alongside 22 other counties in California) has the CountyOrganized Health Systems (COHS) plan type, named “Central California Alliancefor Health” (Department of Health Care Services, 2014).

COHS counties run theirown health plans and everyone in the county is in the same managed care plan. Datafrom the report displays a total of 155,940 enrolled in the program for themonth of November 2017. 


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