Popularity of Video Games”There’s a good case to be made that having fun is a key evolutionary advantage right next to opposable thumbs in terms of importance. Without that little chemical twist in our brains that makes us enjoy learning new things, we might be more like the sharks and ants of the world.” (Raph Koster, 2017 http://www.azquotes.com/author/22251-Raph_Koster).

He is a groundbreaking game designer who makes a lot of high-quality games. Nowadays, along with the video games which build with his theory, an increasing number of individuals have changed their attitude towards games when inevitably coming into contact with it, sliding into an intense fascination on this swift operation of brain. Many reasons may account for the acceptance and even the popularity enjoyed by video games.For one thing, by engaging into video games, players gain an interactive experience. Video games provide players an access to making decision according to adverse circumstances.

On the one hand, some plot-games possess an engaging and dramatic storyline, which require players make their own choices that leading to different endings. They decide, followed with feedback or response from game system. This kind of experience conveys freedom or a sense of control over your destiny.

, making players feel like they are the character. On the other hand, video games build a bridge to new things which people can’t do or something which people afraid to do. For instance, players can kill terrorists, jump from plane or travel to space. Nowadays, with the virtual reality technology progress, video games become more immersive than any other form to show people a story. Players can gain an interactive experience After engaging into the story, plays can enjoy the interactive experience, falling into a preference towards games.For another, video games can develop and strengthen users’ memory and quick response. A few days ago, the International Olympic Committee announced that E-sports have been certified as official sports, as early as 2024 E-sports may become a kind of Olympic Games.

Not only Olympiad but also China’s ministry of education announced that in college, they can add a major called e-sports and management, this major belongs to the sports class since some of the video games can exercise response speed like racing games and shooting games. From the view of professional instructors, they regard video game as a meaningful training tool, contributing to the rid of the old misunderstanding towards games. The training functions of video games have induced a meditative state in ordinary people, in other words, a trend of acceptance. The multiplicity of playing method of video games is one of the reasons why the video game begins to gain popularity and reputation. There are countless games with various playing method.

People can find the game which they like. My parents’ favorite game is “spider card”, while, most of boys prefer shooting games. People who seek the challenge can play the games which require skill and practice. Even one playing method is designed with myriad games, which have different technique of expressions of story and image-style. In other words, it’s undeniable that everyone can find a suitable game, just as everyone has own favorite kind of music.

“The intangible operation of brain makes individuals benefit from this kind of entertainment.” I totally agree with Koster’s opinion, now that the game can show us something and took the form of our brain like do that, why we don’t try it and have fun with video games? The video game can show us stories like the movie, provide training exercise like sports, making it conquer the market quickly from my perspective, the customization and the social intercourse function of video games may contribute to its popularity. In this rapid development of the information age, interaction from various tools and platforms give individuals a sense of belongin


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