Politics is predominantly defined by LaSevel, as it is, in a classic way, when and how it is done, Laswell has defined that which affects the basic policy, generation, and public policy implantation in the health sector. Politics in many people, for example, who are entitled to all services, and who provide services with priority areas, will be given subsidy to them all. Agee, and the budget will be how to allocate and budget should be allocated and spent. Implementation of reforms is basically linked to new administration and political crisis, while reform can also affect the stability of political governance,Regardless of its acceptable importance, there is a broad consensus that analysis of politics and political issues is rarely occurring and in the health sector all aspects of policy identification, development and implementation process are often overlooked, especially with international donor agencies In the interaction between the recipients, the development of the governments of the country, and their domestic political context is sufficient document that Rajan There is often evidence of the problem of policy priorities and reforms as a driver and both the possible and retrospective analysis of the policy of public health policy to improve the chances of policy implementation and effectiveness and the more political environment in which reforms work, the political will Or technical models believe that political leaders or improvements on the decision policy by the champion Are required to conduct adequate and leaders are rational actors, which maximize the public interest (Elesina, 1 99 2).

It can be improved from outside the political system, it is a model to create a policy that is often referred to in public health literature, which has to change the system in this field. Political faction or partisan or pluralistic model believes that politicians want to serve the desires of different groups, including interest groups, bureaucratic agencies and political parties. It involves the interest group approach to form policy, in which the political competition of groups and ideas (Kingdon, 1984), as well as emphasis on bureaucratic politics approach, emphasizes that government organizations and employees How to protect and boost Your own narrow communal interests are improved when the incentives and benefits in the preferred areas are sufficiently largeDespite the movements and the clinics sponsored by the parties, the political importance of health care is clear today. Some political parties preserve health services only as a form, but in most cases it is to prepare popular support using health as an issue of popular empowerment.

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In India, the National Rural Health Mission (the initiative to provide primary care to the poor, to increase the National Health Budget to 1% of GDP) and the constant interval between appropriate policies in the form of budget allocation and execution is largely attributed to Indian Civil Service practices, where frequencies in the ministries are normal, operated by the affiliation of the political party, and specialized in any particular area Wisdom, like health, is unique, which can lead to poor follow-up and little ownership. If governments make policies that strongly dislike public or special groups, they know that these results can be opposed to their policies that can not be implemented in most countries, growing outside the government The number of groups is increasing, which is called the interest or pressure group, which is the policy or government views to their viewpoint, social groups or content friendly Want to influence the government’s ideas in favorable direction. Post.

They use many strategies to convey their voices, to make a relationship with those in power, mobilize the media, start a formal discussion, or to provide political opposition with the criticisms of government policy. Although the existence of interested groups shows that political power is not monopoly of any group, it is clear that some interest groups are far more influential than others in the health sector, medical business is still the most important outside government Interest group


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