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Abril LagunasMr. Patch  U.S. History 2A17 January 2018History of War PhotographyThere has been an abundance of battles throughout the Civil War that did not contain much significance, unlike the Battle of Gettysburg. The Battle of Gettysburg took place July 1st through July 3rd, 1863, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and held remarkable meaning throughout history. The leaders

The of three branches of theology that address

The problem of suffering is so often dissected by scholars as it is the most pressing theological question of the twentieth century. Throughout history, it remains unclear why moral individuals experience unprovoked evil. Those subjected to deep suffering in history have raised this question the highest. Women, African American men, and African American women in

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There was tension in America. There was tension between the northern and southern states. The states had differences on issues over slavery in America, the new President Abraham Lincoln and states rights. These tensions grew and grew until the Southern States pulled away and formed their Confederate Country. After that more tension continued until finally

Nat Turner

Throughout the colonial period and the time leading up to the American civil war, one of the most important and controversial topics facing Americans was the idea of slavery. The notion of slavery is an odd and incredibly horrifying concept, that one man can own another man, or two men, or an entire family, just

Slavery and Public Education

Two major developments in colonial America were slavery and public education. Slavery began in North America in roughly 1500’s and lasted until around 1865. Before establishment of chattel slavery (outright ownership of a person and descendants) most labor was organized as indentured servitude ( someone who worked for a set amount of time to pay


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