Polar bears live in Alaska.Scientist were concerned about the climate change and the future of polar bears.WWF (World Wildlife Fund) trying to find ways to help the polar bears in danger.The climate is changing and it is killing the polar bears.Polar bears need it a certain climate for them to survive.

The weather is warming and it is messing up the cold habitat that the polar bears live in.They need cold ice glaciers to survive. All of the ice is melting and there are not that many polar bears left in any more.

Polar bears are endangered and they need all the help they can get. WWF is doing everything in their power to help the polar bears survive.Almost all of Alaska is melting and they won’t be able to keep going for long.Their fur keeps them warm in the cold, so they are used to the cold but now the cold is melting away.

They are not used to the warm weather and with all that thick fur on them, they are going to be hot. Alaska is melting as we speak and they won’t be able to take the heat. Alaska is a cold place and it needs to stay that way.Alaska is one of the coldest places in the U.S.A.

today and the polar bears need to live.The climate is an important to the creatures that live in Alaska. Not just polar bears, every species that lives in Alaska because they live in a cold environment. The polar bears need lots of help if they want to stay alive because they won’t be in a few.

WWF needs to save the polar bears because they are endangered .There needs to be more people willing to step up and do something about this. WWF are not the only ones who are going to save the polar bears. There needs to be a team who knows all about the polar bears and Alaska.

But until that happens,WWF is the polar bears only hope right now. WWF better have something good up their sleeve because this is a big problem for the bears. But at least they have somebody willing to fight for them.


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