Points clearly made,

Martin Luther King clearly exhibits the facts that he frowns
on injustice. This is what ultimately led him to seek the freedom and justices
for all. He looked intently into the law of United States of America –
Birmingham and realized the injustice in the law and he was very determined to
uphold justice. MLK’s way of thinking was not the normal everyday thinking. He
was not just not going to following the rules and laws of the land like someone
in stage 4 of Kohlberg’s Morals way of thinking.

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His way of thinking is; what is the right thing to do, why is
it the right thing to do, how can it be done peacefully? etc. He totally
rejects the strictness of the law believing that it has to be changed because
they are not good laws and looks down on human rights. What is so important
about his action is that, the end result of his cause will not benefit him only
but it will be beneficial to a vast group of people (mostly black people).


For someone who is an American citizen, he believed he had to
obey the law or face the consequences. Therefore he was willing to go to jail
for what he believed. But he also knew that by being in prisoned in a way that
was completely unjust will only help his cause, and therefore wasn’t terrified
but rather militant on his views of opposing segregation but it was done in a
non-violent manner.


What stood out to me about him is that, even though MLK had
all this ideas to eliminate segregation he was willing to sit down with people
like congressman, court, and judges to negotiate in order to resolve any
discrepancies and difference as far is the laws of the USA were concern and to
come to a common grounds with regards to the laws. As history tells us, MLK
knew it is possible to loose his life (Which did happen) whilst pursing his
cause, that did not deter him but he believed that, what he was doing
supersedes his own life. This is what I believe is an example of someone who is
committed to ultimate moral principle.




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