Plugins are one of the biggest causes of WordPress websites being slow. 
It is very important to know if the plugins are necessary. 
3. Monitor Your Plugins : 
A design that has been coded badly, or uses images throughout the design, will add unnecessary weight to the page. It is not uncommon for some WordPress themes
to be a few megabytes in size. Such a design could add a few seconds to the page loading time. 
2. Use a Fast WordPress Theme: 
However, any type of hosting plan will suffer from incomplete RAM and CPU adjsuting.
Maybe there will be poor response times because the underpowered hosting plan  
Hosting companies are not always the cause, even if the hosting company is great  
it is the initial step to optimize the website correctly, 
1. Choose the Right Hosting Plan: 
And here are some tips to do that: 
Also WordPress can be adjusted to appear better  
 WordPress is an open source  project, This means that there are many different people all around the working on it. This allows you free use
for anything without paying any fee to anyone for licencing fee .
Aggregations: Merging multiple rows to gain a result requires computation than simply retriving those rows.
Joins: if a query joins two tables in a way that would increase the row count of the result set, the query is
likely to be slow.
Table size:  if a query hits one or more table with many millions of rows, it could have an ipact on performance. 
And here are the most important thing will affect the number of calculations  
Minimising the number of calculations that the software and hardware perform will make query run faster.
A database is a software which runs on a device and is subjected to the same restrictions as all softwares, it can only process information that its hardware is capable of handling.

2- Optimizing tables and queries: 
moreover, faster processor helps as well. (MariaDB KnowledgeBase, 2018) 
SSD will improve the response time of the server  
It is also will be highly recommended to have SSD storage, 
Databases need a lot of a RAM, more RAM means best performance  
1- Checking the hardware of the server: 
However, there are some common methods that can be performed on each case: 
Database performance tuning is a vast topic and depends heavily on the workload of the application. 
Performance tuning: 
MariaDB is the world’s most famous database server, MariaDB was developed as an open source software, and It will perform better if it is tuned. 
 A fast CPU and adequate memory (RAM) are the basic components of a high-speed Apache web server. (, 2018) 
having enough hardware resources is indispensable for an efficient web server. 
The main difference is that one and only one MPM must be loaded into the server at any time.(, 2018) 
there are MPMs offered by Apache, At the user level, MPMs appear much like other Apache HTTPD modules.  
Multi-Processing Modulesare responsible for the attached to network ports on the machine, accepting requests, and dispatching children to handle the
3.Choosing an MPM: 
As memory usage is very important in performance, it is very important to eliminate modules that are not used. (, 2018) 
Apache is a modular web server where each functionality is served by specific modules. 
2. unload unused modules: 
All of the bug fixes will be included in the general improvements in these updates. (, 2018) 
 Like any piece of software, Apache will work better if upgraded to its latest version. 
1. Always keeping Apache updated to its latest version: 
Providing a high level of performance and here are some tips to do it: 
But can be adjusted where it can handle an impressive number of requests from remote clients 
 Was not expressly designed to establish standard records, 
Apache is currently one of the most widely used web servers in the world, 

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