Plato, an Athenianphilosopher, crafting ideals that still are conversed about in present day.Responsible for the theory of a separation of two worlds in which one is theIdea’s world, immortal, unchanging and the ultimate form of Being, and thesecond world being the one, in which we reside, that is the Sensible World. TheSensible world is the mortal world, where Plato states is the world of change,and its forms of Being are imperfect, yet similar, to the Ultimate Being of theIdea’s plane. However, even though the two planes do not meet one another thereis a single entity that is the exception, the Soul. Thoroughly explained in hisAllegory of the Chariot. The Allegory expounds the way in which the Souldescends to the Sensible world. Providing imagery where the Soul is comprisedof 3 parts, the Charioteer, White Horse, and Black Horse.

The Charioteer isakin to the logical portion and the director of the unit. The White, spirited,Horse is the noble, courageous, and gallant disposition. Finally, the Black,appetitive, Horse is the ignoble, known for adhering to carnal erotic love,hunger, and an excess of ignoble desires. For the Chariot to stay afloat andmoving through the sky the horse’s wings derive nutrients from divine corporealelements such as beauty, wisdom, and goodness and if they were to feed on foulelements the wings will disappear, and the horses will run amok and fall to theSensible Earth and find a mortal host.

 Known for his works of literature featuring dialogues, Plato expounds onhis theory of the Harmony of the Soul begins with the Soul individual has 3principles, knowledge, honor, and ambition. Classified as “Lovers of…”. TheLover of Gain valued pursuit of wealth for the attainment of their happiness.

The Lover of Honor derives their happiness from people’s acknowledgementthrough their acts of bravery or philanthropy. Finally, the Lover of knowledgewho derives their happiness from the gain of wisdom. When, Socrates, indialogue spoke of how which one was the greatest. The philosopher came to bethe echelon due to their not having a need for wealth due to them already beingborn into it and in the case of honor but the philosopher and Lover of Gainalready possessing the attribute sought after. In example one can also refer tothe Star Trek episode “The Enemy Within” where the Captain embodies the imageryof the two horses.

When split he has a good, kind, noble half, the other halfembodied his carnal desires, ambition, and impulsiveness. At first fighting there-merging of his two parts wanting to remain apart, his Good, detesting theIgnoble part and not wanting to merge, is willing to accept dying asconsequence.  However, as the storyprogresses, and the Captain must be decisive and is unable to decide due toonly half of him functioning, for the greater good, for the greater harmony hechooses to merge once more. Thus, when Plato talks on the Harmony of the Soulhe wants to portray that Harmony is found when there is a balance of the twoand not an excess, or over-indulgence, in a single criterion.



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