Plant processes for deinking paper and magazines

Deinking is the process of removing the ink from
recyclable sources such as newspapers and turing it into pulp which is used to
produce clean paper which can be used to fulfil other needs. There are many
methods of deinking such as flotation deinking, bleaching and washing which
each have their own benefits and drawbacks. Flotation deinking utilises
chemicals in order to fully remove all the ink present on the paper by bubbling
through air the sample in the presence of a foaming agent and the ink attaches
itself to the bubbles and is removed from the paper fibres. However the air
bubbles through can remove some of the clean paper fibres resulting in waste
being produced and reduces the yield of the process reducing its effectiveness.
This process is mainly used to deink newspapers and magazines and as this is
the main paper source for the processing plant this process would be ideal for
the plant as it suits its feedstock and gives a high quality product.

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Another deinking process that may be suitable is
bleaching which removes ink from paper by using chemicals such as hydrogen
peroxide to bleach the colorants of the ink on the paper and thus removing the
colour of ink. Bleaching is primarily used to produce very bright paper as it
is added to the recovered pulp to brighten the paper. This means that it will
mainly produce high quality bright paper suitable for graphic papers and so
would not be applicable for the plant as their goal is to produce paper that
can be used in an office environment.

Another process used for deinking papers is washing
which is primarily used to produce high quality hygiene papers. Used to remove
the unwanted inks and other impurities which can be found on the pulp by
washing it on a thin wire screen. It involves adding dilute pulp to the washing
water which contains a dispersal to remove all the small contaminates left
behind from the previous process. A drawback of this process is that it
produces a high volume of waste and so is not very economically viable unless
the plant can convert the waste into . This will make the overall process more efficient
by using its waste products as a source for energy. This could be achieved by for
example incinerating the waste products for energy which can be used to power
the process of washing or flotation deinking and will therefore reduce costs. Washing
shouldn’t be used as a main process as it primarily creates hygiene paper but
the plant wants to produce high quality office paper and it therefore doesn’t suit
the plant’s needs.


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