Plane crashed and was
dragged in to the sea. They were looking to the island and the island looks
strange and unknown place.  Ralph met
Piggy and group of boys in the island, Ralph was swimming on the beach and he
was talking with Piggy that his father works in navy and for sure he will help
them. Piggy said! This may not be possible or happened because atom bomb when
off may it destroy humanity Piggy found a conch shell and described it for
Ralph. Ralph blow on it to call all the boys a group of boys begin come out

Include jack who said (looks like we
have to look after ourselves)

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Ralph said who ever got
the conch can only speak, that is rule. Ralph said we should make some signal
and keep fire on.

Jack and Ralph were trying
to get leadership and after voting Ralph got elected

Ralph and Simon were only working.

Ralph was frustrated because only he and Simon were working on the huts.

Some of the older boys,
including Ralph and especially Simon were kind but other boys like Jack, Roger
and Littluns

Were cruel to them and
there were two conceptions of power

Emerge on the island (civilization)
and (savage)

Ralph calls the assembly
on the island and build shelters, and keep the signal fire going but
unfortunately fire turn to off and  ship
did not see them jack said with angriness the rules and laws no longer matters.

On that day the hunter found
a pig and Jack suggest to hunt the pig while they continue to search for beast.

The boys track large beast,
which lead them on a wild hase or senseless, simon tried to explain them that
there is no beast but because of darkness and rain they thought that beast
attack on them and they kill him, that night Jack and his hunters attacked on
their shelter while everyone was asleep Ralph and eric beat each other up and
piggy was protecting the conch shell , and jack steals piggy’s glasses

Ralph decied to go and get
Piggy’s glass and Ralph said now we should show them up he went to there and
said now you should return piggy’s glasses, and fought with them while fighting
suddenly Jack came and the hunters became strong , Piggy was trying to speak
while speaking Roger push down the rock on Piggy’s head and Piggy dead . after
that they torture Ralph and his group Ralph found a way to escape and run he
hided on the forest and there was a no hope anymore.

When he woke up the Jack
and his hunter were planning to attack on Ralph again while running Ralph fell
down and saw there was an officer and they got rescued.

 From my point of view this story’s theme was
evil vs good. How evil overcomes good, but good never gives up how to fight
even if there is no hope. Author tries to represent human nature, in this book.

And how environment can turn a human into savage.


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