PhysicalSecurity Policy ImportantA strong concentrate oncorporate safety efforts in the advanced world, which very regularly takes awayfrom still fundamental physical security policies. Indeed, even the mostof  firewalls and password protection can’trepresent physical threats or human mistake, chances that are regularlydisregardedIn case you’re somewhatconfounded regarding what physical security approach suggests, think about iton a more individual level. What amount of your own information do you have putaway in your phone? How important is thatinformation to you? Which of you bank detail, your Personal Id, Credit Carddetail, Bank Locker detail would someone be ableto obtain if they had full access to its memory?Mostassociations and employees never consider the conceivable implications ofsomeone getting their hands on this information as they put confidence in the devicemaker’s security system. These system may prevent someone from hacking your deviceand downloading the information remotely, yet imagine a scenario where youunintentionally leave the device  in anopen place or in the event that it is stolen from you with the goal that thesedocuments can be recovered by a man. It’s the danger to loss that physicalsecurity policyMeasuresto Increase your Physical Security PolicyServerSecurityServerSecurity is very important for company.

Company server protection should beparamount importance. If some unauthorized person will enter into server roomthen that person have opportunity to get the all information from server.LockedDoor – Secure roomMake sure that CompanySecurity entrance is properly secure. Unauthorized person will can not enterinto the server room.

If anyone have to enter into server room then mandatorythey have to use there company secure batch or log in with company username and  password.  AccessCards or Security CodesIn this Case Mostlyevery company are providing their employee access cards and security code. Usingboth of  that Company employee can enterinto the office and go out from the office. Using Access card  and security card unknown person can’t comeenter into the company. Employee have to careful every time that, they will notshare  their code  with anyone and make sure that when ever theyenter into company door will close so unknown person can’t come into theoffice. Alarmsfor Unauthorised AccessAlarms will alert thatsome unauthorized person enter into the site. When alarm will ring criminalwill need to leave that place and security will know that some unauthorizedperson is enter into site and trying to steal anything from site.

 Laptop/DesktopSecurityLaptop/Desktop is veryimportant for every employee. If  Laptopdevice will stolen form any thief then its very harmful for company.  These next couple of measures ought to beabsolutely critical for associations of any size, as moderately little electronicdevice like these can be effectively stolen.DisableUSBs and CD DriveDisable every port ofUSB and CD drive from Laptop/Desktop so unknown person will not insert USB/CDDrive and steal the data from Computer. That Person can’t transfer any file orinstall any software into the system.

It will harmful for company. In disabling the techniques that can be utilizedto exchange information with no remote association, you significantly incrementthe danger of your gadget appearing in online security GPS tracing device. Thank YouDhrumil Anadjiwala


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