Phones aren’t so innocent as you thought.

If you thought it was your child misbehaving its not. If your not 16 or above you shouldn’t have a phone. Especially the radiation they transmit, the way phones affect your life, and the effects on your personality.

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 First thing is they transmit radiation. Not to mention if you hold a phone to your ear it will transmit radiation into your ear. This is bad because it can damage your ear affecting your hearing. Second, sleeping with a phone under your pillow while you are sleeping is bad.

It affects your body in a bad way like your brain. Lastly, having a phone in your front pocket will affect your reproductive system. If you always had a phone in your front pocket you wouldn’t be able to have any kids. Second, phones affect your life.

First of all the cyber bullying can lead to suicide attempts. Suicide attempts are not good plus less people on phones equals less cyber bullying, and less cyber bullying equals less suicide attempts. Second evil trick phones have is they can prevent you from getting a job.

The reason for the job loss is due to something the person posted online. Also no job means no house and no could enjoy more things if you didn’t have a phone. Lastly Most teens regret something they posted. They most likely regretted posting it is because of embarrassment also again because of job loss is another reason of regreting something posted. No one likes to be embarrassed. Lastly, phones affect your personality.

Phones first of all affect real life socialising because of texting. If you can’t talk face to face with people then your not going to get anywhere in life. Not to mention, a lot of kids lose sleep because of texting at night. Which makes you less productive. And you could be in school and you can’t focus because of texting all night. You might even fall asleep in class.

Lastly, 28% people get into car crashes being on phones while driving. If the 28% of people didn’t have phones they would still be alive or not injured. Now people who have phones say phones help parents track their kids. They say using the gps trackers are useful to track your child. But gps trackers give kids anxiety. Also they might say that phones can help to know where their child is through social media. But strangers can find the location of your child through social media.

Even the web MD article  “when is your child ready for a phone”  said “Many smartphones have a “location sharing” feature, which could raise concerns about people stalking kids as they go from place to place”.Which means you could have multiple stalkers on your child all at once. So next time just remember phones aren’t very innocent because phones transmit radiation, affect your life, and affect your personality. Now you better think twice if a phone is worth wasting money on because it’s not, so next time remember if your under 16 don’t get a phone.


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