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·        For my study, I decided to focus onthe French philosopher, Albert Camus, in particular his philosophical novel,’The Fall’. The fictional story itself is about the fall from grace of awealthy Parisian lawyer, and is written in the form of a confession of whathe’s done. It explores the themes of guilt, justice, freedom and truth, all

Philosophy themes and all the big ideas addressed

Philosophy is something many people are passionateabout in different skill-specific fields. It would be profitable to me throughthis course because the way of thinking, approaching various problems andmaking connections will also develop through rigorous study. As I read throughthe article, I came to realize that after I go through this course, I’ll be inposition to

True dream does not continue existing inside someone

True skeptics are not really doubters. The word skepticism in Greek is skepsis which along these lines implies that inquisitive minds  have been hypothesizing and pondering since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Skeptics utilize motivation to elucidate their musings and thoughts to propel their arguments (Unger, 198). The concept of the skeptic is essential

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The Seashell Story: During a sunny day, while playing with the waves on the beach, two boys accidentally were washed off by the powerful waves caused by the strong winds. Thinking they were both about to drown with just the intent to have fun and feel brave. Both ended up feeling disappointed and depressed with

The theoretical possibility of the existence of black

The theoretical possibility of the existence of black holes has existedfor nearly a century. However, scientists still do not completely comprehendthem. This is despite the 30 years of convincing observational evidence thathas been collected over time. Black holes are immensely dense entities. For example, a black holewith 4 or 5 times the mass of the sun

Osho Personal Identity

According to Osho, the Indian mystic and spiritual teacher, “Consciousness means living with a witness; unconsciousness means living without a witness. When you are walking on the road, you can walk consciously — that’s what Buddha says one should do — you are alert, deep down you are aware that you are walking; you are

Comparing Aristotle and Plato

Examining Plato and Aristotle’s Political Regimes Structures Plato and Aristotle both understood the importance of wisdom and virtue in founding a good regime. In their writings, they suggest the effect they felt a ruler had on a regime and vice versa. Where Plato saw a linear slope of five increasingly misguided and degenerating regimes, Aristotle


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