Philosophy is something many people are passionate
about in different skill-specific fields. It would be profitable to me through
this course because the way of thinking, approaching various problems and
making connections will also develop through rigorous study. As I read through
the article, I came to realize that after I go through this course, I’ll be in
position to a new unique set of skills to new businesses in relation to entrepreneurs.
As a philosophy student, I will be pushed to find and take on unique aspect of
viewing all existing problems, to frame y thinking around fresh and interesting

The article helped me realize that philosophy itself
is organized by themes and all the big ideas addressed by the philosophers
themselves. I will be in position to examine different patterns in different
aspects on life. In relation to organizing people and ideas into systems, in his 2010 Bloomsberg
Businessweekarticle, “Philosophy is Back in Business,” Dov Seidman wrote:

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climate, and consumption crises cannot be solved through specialized expertise
alone. These problems, like most issues businesses confront in the global marketplace,
feature complex interdependencies that require an understanding of how
political, financial, environmental, ethical, and social interests influence
each other. A philosophical approach connects the dots among competing
interests in an effort to create synergy.”

In philosophy class, one should
not make assertion without backup. It’s very important to differentiate between
knowledge and assumptions and supporting both with a blend of reason and data. In
conclusion, this semester will be a success if I manage to read and make sense
of what are often dry and dense texts and in turn write about them with
clarity. I should also gain the ability to read critically and write which will
be the most practical outcome of my study.


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