Pets are those animals that make human lives more interesting, fulfill, and real. If a person is looking for a good companion and cannot choose the one among friends, relatives, or family, he/she can easily adopt a pet and devote some part of his/her life to this creature. Of course, pet’s adoption requires certain time, financial support, and, or course, desire.

There are so many benefits of pets’ adoption that people, who really care about own health, should take into account each of possible health benefits. As for me, I cannot imagine my life without cats. My first meeting with cats happened when I was a little child; then I saw cats on TV. Now, I comprehend that my life will be funnier if I adopt a cat, and even more, if I persuade my close friend to follow my example: a cat does not require too much space, this animal can listen and support, if it is trained properly, and, finally, a cat may be funny to pick me up within a short period of time. When a person lives alone and has nobody to share own ideas and feeling, it is high time to think about pet’s adoption. To my mind, it is better to talk to a little living being, even not a human, than talk to yourself.

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However, to make the right choice while adopting a pet, it is better to take into consideration personal preferences and lifestyle. It is also necessary to realize that pets need love and care. It is not enough to feed it once a day and look after it. Adopting a pet means to choose an animal, who will be a part of this life, a part of a family, not just a toy for a couple of days, but a living being, who is waiting for care and love. Of course, one of the first questions, which may appear, is what animal is better to pick up. When I watched “Tom and Jerry” for the first time, I cannot but felt sorry for that poor Tom, who always got in troubles, and I did want to help him somehow. Cats are one of the most amazing pets, who do need companionship and love.

They can easily accommodate to any spaces and lifestyles of their masters. Even more, any cat is a real individuality, who will certainly ask for additional attention and care. I, personally, like those animals, which take almost each step deliberately. This is why a cat is the pet, which suits me a lot: my apartments are not too large, this is why I can hardly loose a little kitten; it may happen that I do not visit home for one or two days, and cats are the only one pets, who may spend such period of time alone; and, finally, if my visitors have bad intentions, my cat may feel their negative moods and scratch them. There is one old Chinese proverb that says “Happy owner, happy cat. Indifferent owner, reclusive cat” (Allred, 2005). I agree to this very statement without any doubts: if an owner demonstrates his/her careless or angry only, the cat will never be kind to its master.

If an owner is indifferent, the reaction of a cat to different events may be unpredictable, because no one trains this animal, and its natural instincts start dominating. To my mind, it is quite possible to make this life more interesting and captivating with a cat: go outside to breathe fresh air and show your four-footed friend, to participate in numerous competitions and win prizes, to bring together your cat with the cat of your friend, to be happy when your cat gives a birth to several more little kittens. All this can make this life fulfill and happier. A cat is the only one, whom I really need right now.

A good listener, a reason to smile once again, a warm being at hand, and the best friend – all this is about my pet, I am going to adopt. This is why it is high time to stop writing and start searching for a good shelter to meet my new best friend!

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