Persuasive essayJohn Proctor is hero and a villain in some people’s mind.some people may think he is crazy but other people may like him.he died with always believing in what he first he wanted to confess for what he did so that he can be with his family. When danforth in the court made him put his name on a paper and put it on the church doors proctor got mad and said and said that is his name and that’s all he has to stand for he yelled In the court after sign the paper it was his name they were trying to take it was the only name be had his family will later on carry that name and if they would have posted his name that name would have been ruined he is watching out for his good name so that his family would have no shame on there name.

proctor had a right to not want his name to be putting on the church. He didn’t want everyone and his family seeing that he had confessed to a crime of something to do with the witches.he is that one guy that everyone liked but he just didn’t want them to look down at him for what he had done with have a part in the witches.proctor had said when he was in court,”you will not use my!I am no Sarah Good or Tituba ,I am John Proctor! You do not have the right to control my.As a result of what has happened John proctor with anger had ripped up the piece of paper that he had to sign.i know not very many people will not like him because of the choices that he made but I think he did make the right choices.he was very concerned that if he confess to the witch trials it would be made public.he was afraid that his family would be mad at him for what he has done In court and what he has done to his name.He died for the sake of his family not for himself.and the thing with Abigail was her not him that did it Abigail approached him in a way like she wanted to get with him he didn’t know what to do because he has wife and children I the end I think he died for what he liked.

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