My summer of 2005, from June to August, was unique indeed: it was my first navy boot camp experience, so, there are lots of memories and emotions I want to share. It could happen that my personal experience can help another person to make one of the most significant decisions in his/her life and enjoy naval practice for a couple of months. In order to be sure that the navy boot camp will suit me, my first idea was to read more about different camps and pick out the place and time in accordance with my interests, opportunities, and desire, of course. So, the decision was almost obvious –the Great Lakes Naval Training Center. I was eager to read more and more about training in such camps to get a clear idea of what is waiting for me in my nearest future.

Of course, the reality and the information online were quite different. First of all, much information online is all about the cooperation between the recruits and the necessity to search for some powers to cope with first challenges and new environment. Lots of encouraging words with regards to becoming a real soldier and a worthwhile part of this world inspire me a lot. I was sure that when I came to the camp, I would find more powers and desire to study and train. Of course, I know about the necessary medical examination and “several first days” adaptation; but still, I was hoping that my new team of sailors would certainly help me to achieve good results and be one of the best.

Well, such general information about navy boot camp practice and about support from any possible side inspired me so much that I could not help but wonder whether it was all true. This is why I packed my stuff and asked my parents to take me to the necessary place. So, it was high time to compare advertising material with the reality. So, my first days at the navy boot camp have begun. First of all, all recruits as I am get a chance to listen to loud shouts of one lady, who orders us to leave the bus and draw up. The beginning is quit interesting: new place and orders to hurry up somewhere I do not know where. Well, I truly believe that it is the only one misunderstanding of mine.

The only thing I need right now is to tune up my hearing and be able to recognize the orders of that lady. So, my first formation takes place. We get orders for our tomorrow affairs and remember properly what to do right now.

I realize that some medical examination has to be, and, telling the truth, I do not like doctors at all. But still, I know that I have to pass it, so, I try to find powers not to show my fear. One guy by my side says how he hates doctors, and I smile: “I am not alone!” First days pass rather quickly: documentations, medical examinations, division into groups, and first classes. Everything is quite good and even interesting. Oh yeah, my first trainings. I like to keep fit, this is why physical training is something I adore. Well, from the beginning, it is hard to get used to a certain regime and orders, however, I am ready to find powers and say “That’s great!” Each day, I wake up according to the established rules and follow any order.

I realize that following the orders may bring some benefits in future. So, I do believe that information about camp is true for those, who know what to expect. Of course, not each recruit is going to help, and certain competition takes place among each sailor-beginner. But, in fact, it is our life, and I should be ready to fight! My navy boot camp experience is helpful indeed.

When I live at home with my parents, I am sure that they can help, give an advice, and support fro me. In the camp, I am alone in some way, and my thoughts and fears bother only me. So, it is time to cope each of them. Without any doubts, first days at navy boot campus are not easy, but people, who cannot cope with challenges, will hardly agree to visit that camp. With the help of this experience, I learn how to be courageous and strong enough in order to serve as a good example for other people. Navy camps help to evaluate personal abilities and recognize own place in this world.

With experience is also helpful for my future education and career, as I study how to plan my days and follow the time. If a person wants to learn something, it is possible to start with a simple boot camp, and then be ready for new challenges within new environment. I will never regret about my two months navy boot camp experience. This time is useful in many different ways: proper education, good training, chance to communicate with new people, and, finally, abilities to demonstrate own skills and abilities, taking into consideration own interests.


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