Personal TargetMy personal target is to finishall my assignments in time.

How am I going to achieve IT? To achieve my personal target, Iam going to focus on my assignments and I will try to not be distracted bythings which are not linked to the assignment. I will use the help sheetsuploaded in Moodle and will focus on one task at a time to prevent myself frommistakes, confusing and loosing time. I will work extra hours at home, so I canimprove my work and be sure tha I will achieve the grade I desire.

Targets DateMy target is by the end of thisweek, so on Monday, I will be able to proof-read my assignment and do somefinal changes.Learning StyleI think my main learning style iskinaesthetic. I like to have hands-on on the activity and learn by doing itinstead of listening to podcasts and group discussions where you do not reallyhave touch to the task. As a second learning style, I think I am also very goodlearner by watching some tutorial videos and PowerPoint presentations because Iam seeing the things and can make my own notes in my head about it which helpsme learn things faster.  What assistance is required toachieve my targetTo achieve my target, I will haveto use the assistance of my unit teacher because he could give me some helpfuladvices of how to do my tasks and what I will have to include, so I make sure Iwould not miss anything that could have effect on my grade. I will also use internetfor some examples, people opinions and what some things mean. I can also usethe books recommended for my course and especially the ones recommended for my unitbecause there I could find more useful information, about the assignment, whichis approved and it is going to be right, not like internet where it could befalse and lead to bad grade.  Task 2    I have been asked to explain how learning style can affectpersonal development and then write a report, explaining how can I improve myeffectiveness in developing skills and understanding.

 M3 – Explain how an awareness of learning style canaid personal development.Our everyday information gets toour brain by sight, hearing and touching. Learning style is individual way ofhow certain information is remembered by using our senses but also depending onenvironment and emotional factors. The three main learning styles known bypeople are visual, auditory and kinetic style. Every one of us is having itsown way to learn new information. This way is a set of these learning stylesbut focused more on some of them.

For example, there are people who are betterin visual learning. That means that they are learning by reading books,magazines, etc., and also by watching how things are done on presentation, tvor guidelines, but that does not mean that they cannot use any of other stylesas a help to their main style. Visual styleVisual style is a style which ispreferred by people learning easier new things by looking at graphs, charts,maps or diagrams.

They are good at remembering information by seeing it and itis proven that students that are good in this way of learning, often showsimprovement in their grades and future achievements. To distinguish these learnersfrom other styles you can find that they are really good at spelling becausethey are visualizing the words but it takes them time to understand anyinformation that they have been listening to instead of watching it. Visual learners are also good at symbols andunderstanding of sign language due to their visualization memory. This meansthat they are  good at copying thingsthat they have recently seen and when they try to remember something, they aretrying to pop up images of the situation. These people are usually not goodwith remembering names or direction, so if you want to help them, better writethem on a paper or give them a map. To improve their learning process, thesepeople could use visual resources, write notes or drawing maps. This helpstheir brains to remember information and get useful. To be fair to everyone,teachers should consider that they should include visual part likepresentations on PowerPoint, diagrams or written instructions, so they wouldnot get confused and missed important information because this will leave thembehind from the study material.

As a teacher, you can consider using videos andactivities where they can do matching parts, so they memorise the process andlearn the material.  Auditory styleAuditory learning style is a wayof understanding information by speaking and listening to people, audio filesor podcasts. These people sometimes use repeating as a method to understand theinformation and sort it out. They are good at answering questions that theyhave been listening to and also there is a statistic which is proving that peopleusing auditory learning style are good at oral exams because of theirresponding ant talkative skills. Inherent for this style is that people usingit could notice voice intonation which could not be missed by other styles. Tohelp themselves with the learning process, they usually listen to audiorecords, record their teachers’ speaking, but also joining conversation anddiscussing certain thing. Teachers could help them by using audio files andleave them ask questions or opinions.

Having a discussion with these studentscould also improve their works as they will remember what you have said andimprove their work. It also helpful to let them read texts or books related tothe course and correct them when they are not right. Kinaesthetic styleThe kinetic style is used bypeople who are good at remembering things by doing them with their own hands.

They use physical activities to learn and improve their knowledge and are goodat repeating things afterwards. You can understand people are havingkinaesthetic learning style by seeing some specific characteristics likepreferring to do their job physically, moving around much more than the otherlearners and also be more athletic than the others. To memorise something theyneed to have their hands on which makes them more good at practical work. Thedisadvantage of this learning style is that the students which are using italways have lack of concentration. To help themselves they are using differentmethods like doing repetitive things like tapping a pen and having a chewinggum. Teachers things that these types of students are usually not interested bytheir lessons and are not paying attention to what they are speaking. Teacherscould help them by letting them involve in practical exercises and includingmore practical lessons to attract their attention.  How my learning style is improvingdevelopment of my own skillsTo find my style of learning I have done a questionnaire andI found out that I have combination of learning styles.

According to thequestionnaire, my main style is Auditory, but I also have a little parcentageof visual and kinaesthetic. As a auditory learner, I learn easier by listening and havingconversation about certain information. This means also that I should be goodat listening to teachers and doing oral exams instead of writing and practicalones.

For me, it is more easier to get certain information remembered byrecording speeches and watching audio guides. It is very helpful to me, if theteachers are having a good conversation with me and discuss the topics whichare required to be known.This learning style means that I am not that good at learningthings by watching materials on videos or doing them practically. PowerPointpresentation and doing certain things would not help me understand it andremember it, so teachers should focus of conversations if they want me to understandtheir lessons and I should pay attention to what are they speaking because thisis the main way I learn new  things.

But I personally also thing that I am good in kinaesthetictype of learning because sometimes I prefer to do something, so I can rememberit and repeat it afterwards. I like sports which are something usual for thistype of learning an I also have interest in doing something practically tounderstand it. As a conclusion, I can say that the combination of each stylehelps us understand the information.

We do not remember only  the information gotten by our own learningstyle, so if we were not able to use other styles as well we would have knownless stuffs that we usually know now.        I have been asked to evaluate my interpersonal and writtencommunication skills. Interpersonal skills and writtencommunication skills Strengths Weaknesses Flexibility Patience Hardworking Trust Team player Impulsive Helpful Confidence Motivated Getting nervous Adaptive Proofreading Grammar Lack of words  As every person, I have strengthsand weaknesses which make me the person I am. As my strengths I could say thatI am flexible and hardworking which I consider as a good skill which could beuseful for successful carrier. I am also a team player, so working in a teamwould not be a problem because I am also helpful person and I can organise andshare tasks with others.

I am motivated and adaptive, so changeable environmentis not a problem with me. I think I am also good at written communication as Iconsider my grammar as good.But there are also my weaknessesthat are keeping me behind from perfect. I think that I am too impulsive andcalm which is not looking good for future employers. I think my weaknesses arein oral communication because I have a lack of confidence and words which aremaking me nervous to stand in front of people and audience.

To improve myself and myqualities, I should take time and work on my weaknesses. To make this happen, Ishould take part of the activities which could make me overcome my fears likeconfidence and lack of words. This could be accomplished by joining more publicconversations, expressing my opinion and share my points of view with theothers.      To overcome my proofreadingweakness, I will have to be more patient to finish my work and try not to bedistracted by anything that is not related to my task. I will take time to getbetter in analysing what I have written and proof-read grammar, punctuation andspelling errors separately. To become less impulsive, I will try to write downmy goals, so I can sort my tasks and do not get confused. I will set a time toaccomplish them and follow my schedule through the day.    I have beenasked to identify of improvement and review my progress on the personaldevelopment plan I have made.

 What I achieved so far By making and using a personaldevelopment plan I have achieved most of my goals. I have done my assignmentson time using spreadsheets and helpful information and I also have understoodwhat type of learner I am. I understood that I am good at listening and thishelps me learn new information, but I also know that I am combination oflearning styles which all together help me understand the world around me. I comparemy strengths and weaknesses and overcome my fears by doing the things I havebeen scaring from. This personal development plan helped me improve mypersonality and gain new qualities. I think that making your own plan couldhelp you any time in future and you can motivate yourself by putting thingsthat you want to achieve. Weaknesses Patience Impulsive Confidence Getting nervous Lack of words  To improve my weaknesses, I willfocus on trying to overcome them.Results:Patience – I tried to be morecalmful.

There was a little improvement as I still trying to get better. When Iget lack of patience I am trying to focus on something else and do not thinkthe think that take my patience.Getting nervous in front of audience – I have been trying to be part in more discussions that havebeen surrounding me. I have tried to speak in front of my classmates ondifferent activities and what can I say is that I almost overcome my fear ofspeaking when there are lots of people.Confidence and lack of words– as a part of trying to overcome my fear of speaking in frontof audience I think I also overcame the problem with my confidence and lack ofwords. As I started talking with more people I got more confident by themlistening to me and learn some new words by listening to them.

    Goals that I have achieved:·      Finishing my assignments·      Improve my weaknesses·      Gain confidence and takepart of discussions·      Improve my proofreading·      More patience ·      Learnt new words·      Learnt how to be lessimpulsive I have accomplished my targetswith the help of this personal development plan which help me sort my task andmake a schedule what should I do first and what help I could use to finish mytargets. As I followed the plan, I have learnt that I could work hard to finishmy targets and learnt some valuable lessons. I would recommend using personaldevelopment plan because it is really helpful and helps you to be lessdistracted and more focused on your work.


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