Personal Reflection #1

Openness to Experience

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Human personality traits play
a significant role in its career. “Openness is the degree to which a person is
curious, original, intellectual, creative, and open to new ideas” (Bauer, T.
& Erdogan B., 2018). With this definition of openness I would like to say
that openness is somewhere directly related to experience. People with this
trait tend to try new things in their life, never get scared of taking risks
and get easily adapted in any kind of environment. Therefore, such people
develop openness to experience. In my opinion openness to experience can
positively contribute in enhancing one’s career. This is because once we start
developing openness to experience; we also start expanding our ideas, our
vision, and our way of thinking. Our perception about how to understand or
grasp things starts changing favorably.

In reference to this topic, I
would like to share one of my personal experiences where I have seen and
observed the positive impacts of openness to experience. I would like to mention
about my sister. She is a software developer in an IT company. She had
excellent skills in android mobile app development. But then she got a chance
to shift to iOS mobile app development which was a completely new experience for
her. She had to option to either continue with her old work area of interest or
to accept this new area of technology. Having this trait of openness to experience,
she chose this new career. This was a big change for her as she had never done
any project work in iOS development. Even though company offered to train her,
it was a big challenge for her. But she was open to this new experience and new
change coming forward. She happily took the opportunity to develop her skills. Ultimately,
her decision helped her to attain new skills, enhance her career, increase
creativity skills and most importantly build up her personality.

Furthermore, I believe that
openness to experience also helps us to adapt to new environment with new
people and get more socialize. Again, if I talk about my sister, she went
through a lot of changes such as her department was changed so she had to work
with new team members. At that time, she got easily adapted with her new
colleagues as she had that openness to experience in her personality. Her
openness to experience did not only advance her career opportunities but also
developed her personality traits. I have learnt a lot from her. I am going
through a lot of changes as well. Coming to Canada is a different experience
for me. Everything is different compared to the country I came from. I was
always reluctant to adapt to change but my family always encouraged and
supported me. Adapting to new culture is always a big challenge but being open
to those experiences is always worth it. These experiences will help me develop
my personality and skills. I consider them as positive experiences which will definitely
result in a bright future.


Moreover, openness to
experience raises the level of one’s creativity. It is very obvious that the
more experiences we get in any field, the more abilities we gain and hence, the
more creative we become. That is why people who are open to experience are often
found as more creative and intellectual. For such creative people, the key to
success in life is to learn experience new things without any resistance or
reluctance.  For me, my sister has proved
to be a live example of a successful and happy person with the perception of
openness to experience.




Bauer, T. & Erdogan B. (2018). An Introduction
to Organizational Behavior2012.Retrieved 24 January 2018, from




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