Perseverance Causes Success Have you ever failed at something? I believe that everybody’s answer is yes. But the important thing is did you try doing it again? I think there will be answers other than yes now. The biggest obstacle on the way of success is we don’t try something again after we fail.

We are scared to try. We just stand there with what we have done so far, we don’t give ourselves a second shot. It causes us to fail. We should keep trying in order to be successful.Last year, I took the TEOG exam like all the other prep students did. The exam was not stressful at all but the preparation for it was just terrible. I had lots of difficulties and the most difficult thing was stress.

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It reduces your life quality and it makes the fact of the exam worse. It pushes you to quit and it makes you want to quit. So the stress is our major enemy. When I had hard times with that, I always reminded myself that this exam is going to be over. I told myself “It will be over and you will be glad that you have worked hard for it. If you don’t work now, you will regret.” I went with this method and I tried to be patient. I did not give up and continued to work hard for the exam.

I can say that I accomplished my goal.One of the main things to be persevering is not to give up even if you fail. Think about Colonel Sanders, who is the founder of KFC. He had different kinds of jobs before he found out that he is very good about cooking and he made a chicken recipe. He wanted to find someone to help promote his chicken recipe so he traveled door to door to houses and restaurants all over his local area.

He started to ask people to help him with the promotion. Unfortunately, he got rejected 1009 times. He did not give up and continued. Finally, his chicken was accepted once.

After that event, he became very successful and famous by his finding of KFC. If he gave up and didn’t try it again, he would never be successful.Like B. F. Skinner said, “A failure is not always a mistake.

It may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.” If you want to be successful at something, work hard and never give up. Victory will soon be yours.


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