It is important to analyze the URL of each page before getting to the details of the pages. By reading the URL carefully, an analyst is in a position to find out if the page is a private or otherwise. Starting with Carl Wuensche’s Design of Posting to WordPress Instructions website who’s URL is, there are some notable strengths and some areas, which require improvement.

The name of the site/author or the person responsible for the page in this case Carl Wuensche corresponds to the URL. This is a direct indication of responsibility and accountability. The date is equally important especially the web site update information. This automatically indicates to the user, how current the information is. Evidently, the year at the bottom of Carl’s site is a good indication that the information is not stale or invalid. Web site visitors want current information. The date is a good indication of the author’s interest.

Most users treat undated information just as they would, anonymous information. The explanations are clear and precise and thus there is no one who would claim problems creating an account. Today anyone can post information on the web within just some few minutes for instance over some low payments or for publicity purposes. The user must be in a position to differentiate the genuine and reliable sites from those that are questionable. The user should be in a position of immediately figure out the reason being creating even before going into much detail. Does the site disclose facts or data; is it informative, does it provide explanation/sharing of information or persuasion over something? The page becomes public and entices all possible human intentions. From a personal perspective, my reaction to Carl’s site was that it lacked substantiating elements of marketing.

The first impression on a site is supposed to involve is a clear brand name or trademark. The viewers ought to know what the site is all about the moment they lay eyes on the site. Rather than the explanatory style of giving the information, the author could have made it more interactive by letting the users to discover how to go about it. Taking that Carl Wuensche’s website or pages are opinion oriented, the users should know the offer immediately they log to the site, for instance I acknowledge the signing up part of the site. By placing this part at the initial level then it would have served the purpose of instantly informing users that the sight is a public forum.

Something distinctive and self-explanatory ought to precede explanations. A good publisher uses explanations to clarify what people already known. Although the page is a an instructional document, my perception would be that web pages are made of hypertext protocols and thus the need for a number of links to other diverse supportive or unsupportive views. The links involved in Carl’s work did not really work out for me.

Anything that required mentioning or was rather obvious to the user could have been hyperlinked to make it optional as the contact option link was. The hyperlinks make the pages to be simple, elegant, attractive and still informative. As experts would recommend, it is not wise to link a page to other parts of the same site only. The page becomes stronger when one links it to other biased pages or fun-linked pages.

According to my personal view, the page seems to be too soft for an informative page. Implementation of some tremendous graphics ought to have given it the outstanding tone. The indication of summary of the page was nice. It is important for any page to have a simple and clear conclusion less it leaves the users hanging indefinitely. On the second web page http://www., the users connect the URL’s Domain name to the trademark for easy identification. The graphics are attractive, distinctive and easily connect to the theme of newsletters. Organization of the content is well, starting from marketing of the site, explanations and procedures for the users. This is a good indication that the user can be able to identify the principle behind the page and reasons for it production. There are distinctive features indicating presence of webmaster contents as opposed to unqualified authors.

There seem to be enough tabs and hypertexts to link for more information as per the user requirements. The author’s contact details and other information are availed through the contact us hyperlink at the top and bottom of the page. The links on a page ought to be active current and containing updated information. This is a good indication that the page meets its goals and objectives.

The page is not an advertising mask since it provides information that is not biased the search criteria also comes in handy in finding information. Most importantly are the dates for publication. The year is a fine sign that the information is not outdated.

Some of the hitches evident on the newsletter website include the requirement for special programs such as the PDF allocation software. The clients night be missing information or might not be in a position of implement the tasks involved because they are limited by some special software as per the requirements. The client is also dined some clear identification information. They are not able to know the author and firms involved thus the site jeopardising the issue of transparency.


A good webpage/site is accurate. It contains a list of authors and institutions, which publish it, and means of contacting the authors. It is preferred to have the author’s credentials outlined clearly to gain customer’s confidence and royalty.

The domain name is equally preferred for identification. Accuracy of information is vital, even with limitation over advertising in such sites; the objective of presenting the information should be accurate. The currency of information is equally important. People want to associate with recent and updated information or sites/links. The hyperlinks involved must be active and manipulative. Lastly, the issue of coverage calls for checking the limitations involved for the user.

Is the user required to have any special programs, browser technology or software to access information? Are there any fees or charges involved? The webpage ought to be valuable for the research.


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