Patanjali has demonstrated that however old a product category may be, there is always a scope for novelty. To be a disruptor, firm need to be a discoverer. It should adopt innovative approaches to interrupt the existing business norms and establish new ones. An entrant in a competitive market ought to look for the strategies to be a game changer and differentiator.

Figure 3 illustrates few products in which Patanjali has proved to be a Discoverer, Differentiator and Disruptor in the packaged food industry. So far Patanjali did not follow the marketing strategies of existing players or leader, rather created its own according to the target audience. It created new rules for the market which many competitors are now forced to follow by introducing herbal products, keeping prices competitive and promoting CSR activities to gain public trust. The company has very well blended yoga with its Ayurveda offerings, both focusing on healthy living and ancient Indian heritage. Patanjali under the mentorship of Swami Ramdev has grown rapidly in last couple of years.

However it has methodically planned and executed the strategies to gain wide acceptance among the Indian consumers. The process followed by the firm has been explained below.  Ø  Educate: Creating awareness on the harmful effects of chemical based medicines and food products. This was mainly done by Ramdev himself during yoga sessions and public forums.

 Ø  Comprehend: Understand problems faced by people with the existing herbal and other offerings in the market  Ø  Develop: Manufacture products to satisfy the health care needs and specific demands from the potential customers  Ø  Offer: Provide herbal and natural products with packaging and quality at par and prices lower than existing brands  Ø  Sell: Those looking for such products immediately purchase as if waiting for them to be launched  Ø  Repeat and Cross Selling: Those satisfied by any of the product will return and might end with trying some other new offerings  Ø  Build Loyalty: The satisfied users of Patanjali products will promote them further and work as unofficial brand ambassadors of the firm, through word of mouth publicity


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