Part A: In Poe’s “ThePremature Burial” he exhibits the storyteller’s dread of being buried alive andhow this could transpire.

The primary subject is that you can overcome yourfears if you do not focus on them. The entire story the narrator was dwellingon his fears. Toward the end of this story, he defeats his feelings of fear.Part B: In the “PrematureBurial” by Edgar Allan Poe, the main subject all throughout the story is thatyou can confront and beat your feelings of fear if you don’t meditate and drownyourself with those feelings of fear. I think to get over your feelings of fearyou have to do your dread. For example, open speaking, I was anxious the firstoccasion when I spoke before a crowd. However, if I would’ve never faced myfear, I would’ve never overcome them.

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Now, my dread is overcome. I enjoytalking before a crowd and I unquestionably appreciate singing on Sunday’s. Wefrequently concentrate excessively on what “may” happen but not reality.3.

05 Reading Journal1.         Poe describes thesensations of being buried alive. What imagery does Poe use to help you hear,see, smell, and feel? Poe utilizes imagery and symbolism, forexample, his suffocation, the tight coffin space, the darkness, the silence,and the dull tone of pure darkness.

2.         The narrator suffersfrom catalepsy, a physical condition in which the individual cannot move orspeak for hours or, in extreme cases, for months. According to the narrator’sexplanation, what are some of the ways that one can tell a cataleptic is stillliving?Some ways to tell if cataleptic is stillliving are their skin tone and pulse.3.         What simile does thenarrator use describing his return to consciousness? What does the narratorsuggest by using this simile and subsequent description?”Just as the day dawns to his friendliness andhouseless beggar who roams the streets throughout the long desolate winternight”. In this piece of story, he is communicating that he doesn’t haveanything to anticipate when that day arrives.4.

         As the narratorexperiences fear, what techniques does Poe use to create suspense for thereader? He does not disclose to us what will occur inthis story and he keeps our suspense up with being buried alive. 5.         What is happening to thenarrator here? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.

“I sat erect. The darkness was total. I couldnot see he figure of him who had woken me.” He was expressing that someone whomhe did not know had woken him from his sleep.6.         The narrator describesone of his dreams. What happens and what is the significance?He was living his worse fear; being buried alived.

7.         How would you describethe narrator’s mental state? Are his actions rational?His actions are definitely rational becausethat could be a reality.8.         What techniques does Poeuse in the second paragraph to build suspense? What is the effect on you, thereader?He caused me, the reader, to stress over whatwas about to happen by utilizing the technique for slowing down the pace.

9.         Based on thedescriptions here, what has happened to the narrator?He was buried alive.10.       How does changingsentence structure from long to short and choppy help build suspense? Whatemotions do you feel as you read?As I was reading, I felt a sense of panic. Itwas building up suspense by the slow pace.11.

       What has happened? If youwere the narrator, what would you feel hearing these voices?He believes that someone has found his and isgoing to save him. If that were me, I would definitely be excited.12.

       The narrator explains howthe circumstances of his night aboard the boat paralleled the circumstances ofhis worst fears. What are the similarities that he experiences? All of his senses were parallel.13.       The narrator undergoes amajor change.

What did the narrator do in light of his experience on thesailboat? Do you think his reaction is a typical one of someone facing theirfears? He overcame his fears and changed into a betterperson. He needed to be superior to his old self.14.       Think about the meaningof the last sentence. What is Poe saying in these final lines of his story?What Poe was trying to demonstrate to us isthat, if we don’t conquer our fears, they will conquer us.


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