Part A: Proposal  Descriptionof Proposal: The RainForest Experience is an immersive safari experience modelled and inspired bythe famous movie and novel franchise, Jurassic Park. Park attendants will beplaced in a real life rainforest ecosystem which will feature accurate aspectsincluding plants and animals, both docile and dangerous. Attendants will followalong a designated path, both land and water, in a secure vehicle along with asafety assurance officer as they pass through and experience all the real lifecharacteristics of a rainforest biome.

Justification: Though its main purpose will be forentertainment of the park’s guests, it will also serve as a learningopportunity. The rainforest is a biome that is under incredible stress due toclimate change and other factors. The people who attend the park will beeducated on the implications and importance of the animals and plants withinthis ecosystem. In addition to the learning about the environment, the parkwill generate money, exposure and economic stability, including jobs, to this regionin Africa. TargetAudience: The targetaudience is a widespread demographic that will include families both with orwithout children, thrill seekers and those curious about the rainforest biome.

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The park will mostly cater to those who have the funds in order to pay for suchan extravagant experience.Location:The park will be locatedin the Zaire basin in Africa. This rainforest is considered to be of thetropical variety.

Rainforest have hot and humid environments with constant raindue to the humidity (Michael G, 2001).There is often a negative association with the continent of Africa and theaddition of the park will be beneficial to the public conception of Africa. Itis home to several species of animals including chimpanzees, king cobras,gorillas (Benders-Hyde, 2002) and exotic plants such as Bengal bamboo(Zachary C, 2002).


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