Parents level of education effects of their child’s mental and physical health and economic success demonstrates worthy of study because this subject is useful towards parents desire to help their offsprings in their success, also, teachers teaching students in school and finally, colleges signing students into their school. Several parents want their children to attend college even though they have no clue in how to help their children, they consult, for example, counselors to help their child with his/her success (Daily number, 2012). Counselors are the key in contributing towards success because they guide students in how to apply for colleges. Many counselors suggest parents read the effect their low-level education has on their children and the way they able to contribute to help their sons. Therefore, parents read the source given by the counselors which become useful and worth of study. Some teachers are interested in their student’s success in life (Vicki Zakrzewski, 2012). Several teachers portray interesting about their student success by teaching their students to completely understand the topic rather than just letting the student pass without acquiring any knowledge.

Teachers are aware that many of their students have parents that lack from school education, resources that provide teachers with tips on how to help these students, make parents education level worth of study for many loving teachers. Following on, Colleges crave for students that show a high interest in education and the positive figure for their institution (Lynell Engelmyer, 2013). Colleges crave for students in a spirited mind to learn because it not only gives a good image towards the college but also helps the development of new ideas and inventions based on knowledge. Many colleges are aware that some of their best students come from parents with a low level of education due to circumstances faced in their life. Many colleges consider this to not matter in their registration of students, however some colleges investigate the issue parents educational level have on their students.

College investigation gives a better opportunity for students with parents of lack of education to be more financially supported to attend the college.


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