Paper1: A Case Analysis On the Focus On The Maturity Models AndInformation TechnologiesIntroduction CMMImodels are the process that improves the models that available forproduct, service development and maintenance. Another improvementmodel is called, capability model for software or SW-CMM. It is usedby the organization to determine their software maturity (Goksen,2015). There are three business models to improve and extend CMMmodels. There are, Software Capability Maturity – SW-CMM System Engineering Capability Model – SE-CMM Integrated Product Development Capability Maturity Model – IPD-CMM Theadvantages of the maturity model are ready to use, tested andcontinuous where there are many contributors. While the disadvantagesare, partial scope, appeal to general and unique. When its unique itis not flexible and have to use their own construction.

TheMaturity Model firstly used by DoD or the US Department of Defence,they requested and helped in 1986 that was started by SEI theSoftware Engineering Institute. In 1986, Mitre Corp. help SEI startdevelops a process-maturity framework that can help the developer toimprove their software process. SW-CMMdetermined a good software engineering practice that needs to beextended in a consistent, high quality and profitable manner (Goksen,2015). The SE-CMM describe the essential of the organization systemengineering. Then, the IPD-CMM describe the essential element ofintergrated product development (Goksen, 2015).

Arcordingto Yucalar et all, here are two objectives ofCMMI(Goksen, 2015). Which are, the guide process improvement effort insoftware development organization and help to identify skilled orqualified organization to perform a software work.HowCMMI Used CCMIprocess management manages the central theme. The CCMI representlearning and demonstrate through work according to a process (Goksen,2015). These process also enable the transparency by telling orexplain how work should be done. The transparency itself means clear,so the expectation about the project are clear.Findings Thesurvey used to calculate the result of maturity.

Based on the table(see table 1: DEU Maturity Matrix), they are ten (10) subtopic thatsum of 1000 which the full mark for every topic and disciplines isten (10). In the last maturity, the points need improvements (Goksen,2015). According to Goksen, the CIO and its sub-disciplines managersfocus their area ready to model the questionnaire. The value of thelast matrix is placed in order to find corporate information andunder the condition is found out by index data.Conclusion Businessprocess is the most critical factors. The business process is theleast complex to the most complex need to be identified. Thebusiness process has several weak points. In order to remove thatweaknessofthe business process, a software called DEUDocHuman is developed.

This software has structure to circulating the document that involvedin the process in a physical document or hardcopy. 


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