Pandora was the first woman Greek goddess created.

 She was the first woman created by Zeus.Pandora has many painted of her but one of the most popular of them all “Pandora.” She also has businesses named after hersuch as Pandora Jewelry.             Zeus realized one day that everybodywas alike. Everyone then decided they needed something new. Zeus and the othergods created this goddess and named her Pandora Meaning “all gifts.

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” Each personthen gave her something after she was created. One example was from “Greek Mythology” Hermes taught Pandora to talk(Payment, 46). According to “The Pandora Story” Athena gave Pandora life andAphrodite made Pandora irresistible to men (Pandora, 1/19/18). The gods alsogave her a jar full of evil spirits and one good spirit, hope she was on thebottom in the corner. Those spirits will eventually be humans. One day Pandorabecame curious, her husband Epimetheus was just as curious and did not stopPandora from opening the jar. As she opened the jar she let out all the bad andevil spirits. She let out bad spirits such as: poverty, jealousy, revenge, war,disease, suffering, sorrow, and hate.

Even though Pandora tried putting the jarlid on as fast as she can, she still let everything out except one. And allthat remained was hope; she was at the bottom of the jar crying. She wanted outto relieve the world of all the bad spirits.             Pandora has many paintings paintedof her. One of the most famous ones is “Pandora” painted by John William Waterhouse.The painting was painted in 1896.

John used oil paint on a canvas. Some factsabout John are; John was born in Rome, Italy, and died in London, United Kingdom.The painting is now at a private location, and is not on display.

The pictureis of Pandora opening the box and releasing the spirits.             There is a Jewelry store named Pandora,they sell customized bracelets, and jewelry. The word/name Pandora means “allgifts” most people buy jewelry as gifts. Pandora was the first woman goddess,and one person started the company in Denmark.

            There is also another business withthe name Pandora. It is called Pandora Radio. Pandora radio is where you canlisten to music for free with paid ads. According to Quartz Media Pandora Radiowas created in 2000 as an online music, as a revolutionary idea before itbecame such a huge thing, as it is used all over, in cars, on cell phones, etc.Many people use Pandora just for a way so they don’t have to pay to download thesong they want to listen to. In the article it says “The metaphor is oftenmisapplied but in this case of Pandora, the internet music company, it may finda dark fit”  (Quartz, 23 Jan 18).



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