Pandora is a Greek myth that is meant to show how evil came about in Greek culture. Here is a summary of the myth of Pandora from the book a Classical Myth by Barry Powell. Prometheus gave man fire, which made Zeus mad because fire was only supposed to be for the gods.  In order to teach Prometheus a lesson, Zeus had Hephaestus create the first woman named Pandora to penalize mankind. Zeus gave Pandora to Epimetheus, who is the brother of Prometheus, to be his wife.

 Zeus gives Pandora a box as a wedding gift and tells her not to open it. Pandora grew curious of what was in the box, so she opened it and when she did all the bad thing in life came out.  One good thing was still left in the box though.

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Hope was left remaining in in the box. Adam and Eve is another story that is meant to show how evil entered the world.  God created Adam to live in the Garden of Eden and God took a rib from Adam to create a woman named Eve.  Adam and Eve were warned not to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

 Eve ended up eating the fruit and they were banished from the garden.  They were forced to endure all the bad things in life.  Pandora and Eve from these stories are very similar to each other, but they do have there differences.  I am going to go over the similarities and differences between Eve and Pandora.I am going to start by discussing what Eve and Pandora have in common.

 Before Eve and Pandora, there was man and everything was fine. Then they each were created by an immortal being. They were both the first woman created in their stories.  Eve was created by God, while Pandora was created by Zeus, the lord of the sky.  In both of their stories they were both forbidden to not do something.  Eve wasn’t supposed to eat from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, while Pandora was told not open the box she received from Zeus.  They both disobeyed the order to do the thing that they were supposed to do.  Eve ate fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and Pandora opened the box from Zeus.

 As a result, bad things happened to both of them. For Eve, she and Adam were banished from the garden and they endured pain, hunger, suffering, and death.  As for Pandora, when she opened the box, all the bad things in life, such as hatred, pain, and suffering came out.  Now I am going to discuss all the differences in Eve’s and Pandora’s stories.  In Pandora, men were happy without women, but Eve was created by God so that Adam had a companion.  In Adam and Eve, Eve was created out of love for humanity, but Pandora was created by Zeus as a punishment for mankind.

 Another difference between these two characters is that they both did something they weren’t supposed to, but for very different reasons.  Eve was tempted to be more like God, so she ate the fruit from the tree.  Pandora opened the box from Zeus simply because she was curious about what was inside the box.  In conclusion, there are indistinguishable similarities between Eve and Pandora, but they also have some differences from each other.  They were each the first woman ever created in there story. They were both created by gods and they both did something they were warned not to do.  This resulted in bad things to happen for both of them.  Here is a review of the differences between the two I discussed earlier.

 Eve was created so that Adam wasn’t lonely, but men were happy without women in Pandora, unlike in Adam and Eve.  They both didn’t listen to the warning they received, except they did it for very differences. One did it out of curiosity and one did it out of temptation.  Therefore, Pandora and Eve had more things alike than difference.


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