Pakikisama is the part of our culture as a Filipino for a long time. Pakikisama (group loyalty): one lives for others; peace or lack of dissension is a constant goal. Pakikisama is a basic tendency for Filipinos, and is expressed in their private lives, their public workplaces, and in their relationship with their neighbors. This indicates that this is a typical Filipino trait. The term pakisama is derived from two tagalog words: “sama, accompany, go along with” (Lynch 1963: 10) or come along with and the prefix paki, please or kindly. It actually implies the concept of companion or companionship. In the workplace, this can have a positive effect with friendly, helpful employees working together as a team. It can also create problems. In the workplace, someone with good “pakikisama” attitude is the likeable guy who has good relationship with almost everyone. He is the one who laughs at your corniest jokes and drinks beer with his office mates after office hours, sometimes to the extent of sacrificing time from his family. , Pakikisama in Filipino workers is seen in practices common in offices where office mates are united in certain ways which will fast track the tasks and responsibilities of everybody. In the work place, pakikisama is one the values that the employee has, it has the time that will have the team-work because they have the good “pakikisama” to others but also this also lead to disadvantages is because that you have good “pakikisama” to others they can’t speak the truth about to their co-worker because of they have good company with each other and also the want to preserve their good relationship as a co-worker.In this kind of value there are still the advantage and disadvantage. Pakikisama means is going along with the others or in the crowd. The advantages are that it allows a person to grow socially and feel like part of a group. There are four types of advantages of this concept like bayanihan, pakikipagdamayan, pagpapahalaga sa kapwa, and utang na loob. Disadvantages include being swayed to do things you wouldn’t normally do because you don’t want to upset the dynamics of the group, and the fear of being rejected by your peers if you take a contrary stance. This concept was abused sometimes and also they take the advantage and also abuse it. In “pakikisama” there is still the limitations that we need to tend because we are already dependent to them and can’t work properly because there are someone who will help you every time the work you do is not good in presentation in the paper. 


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