Painting the warm tangerine Indian
sky, the sun retreats for the day. Swirling mistsenvelope the cacophony of the
city, which ushers in a soothing touch to a highly humid atmosphere. The zephyrs
simultaneously clear the bituminous asphalt by stealing away decayed leaves and wilted
petals. They whirl around, lingering as if caught in a vicious catfight, to
finally disappear into the vast unknown. The silhouette of the sinking sun
descendsfaultlesslyinto the almost placid lake, its waters stirred only by the symmetrical
synchronization of paddling ducks.

 At the edge of the lake, a family of four is
ineptly lobbing bits of soggy bread and rice to the ducks. Their most energetic
and youngest member, supporting a shocking mop of scarlet redhair, wearing rugged jeans and a cowboy hat, is incessantly trying to sail small
brightly coloured paper boats on the mirrored surface of water. Surrounding the
crystal-clear water, caught in a merry dance of their own, are a kaleidoscopic palette of blooming bright blooms
standing tall among the green blades of sod.

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Doubtlessly, the lavish green turf
with a sparkle of colours is a merry sight to behold. Millions of silver tinted
sprinklers placed strategically spout out the daily dose of requisite replenishment to the
lush vegetation. Tweet, tweet, tweet… the melodious humming of canary birds, flying back home
after a hard day’s work, permeates the calm surroundings adding a touch of
musical beats to this harmonious and picture perfect setting.  A flock of chirping wild sparrows with
brightly coloured crowns, atop their heads, dart towards the groundlike a
meteoric shower, invading the garden, for succulent and
sustaining grains.

Along the tarmac, are some seasoned
regulars, stalwarts of the society, taking their usual evening stroll keeping
them as fit as fiddles. The aged saunter along the meandering path at a more
leisurely pace, occasionally sitting down on stony seats under the shade of
trees to catch a quick breath. While a gaunt old man, drawing a mixed audience
of giggling youngsters and mature adults regales his company with wise tales drawn from his life’s experiences. He
is a magical master, holding the attention of his motley audience with alacrity
and charm.  Further ahead, an impoverished
man in ragged clothes is extending his gnarled hand in the hope of a little
philanthropy. Next to him, under the shaded canopy of a willow tree, a palmist
is zealously wooing a possible customer with the promise of a glorious future,
the gleam of silver sparkling in his eyes. Hawkers, lined up near the gate are
carrying on a roaring trade.

 A young couple relaxing on the lush grass is enjoying friedand succulentpakoras
(fritters), the mouthwatering fragrance lingering along the cobbled path. An
antiquated ice-cream van stands under theamber yellow starlight. It’s feeble
and wobbly body with peeling paint and a rusted body, a misnomer for the frozen
delights it regularly spews out. A team ofboisterous football enthusiasts
practice on the coarse and arid piece of land earmarked for their regular
routine. Their energy and enthusiasm seem to echo around the field, as they
tirelessly pursue the neon coloured ball. Just under the shaded protection of
the cedar trees abides a mixed arrangement of swings where babies and toddlers
waddling about on the sand, bouncing on the trampoline and swinging on the bars
can be seen having a stupendous and marvellous time, while their overprotective
guardians hover nearby. What a jubilant evening! A microcosm of the microcosm
showing the variety of varied life forms existing and enjoying together in a
celebration of life.

As the yellow
tinted star makes its final descent, the reverberating gong sounds, heralding
the end of another remarkable day.  All
things considered, the clock struck a quarter to seven
and the park is now rapidly getting abandoned like a pack of cards that are
discarded after constant use. Ladies head to their air conditioned homes to
plan and executedelectable gourmet delights
for the family. The exhausted children head home in a deflation of their
earlier spiritsas if pricked by a pin and sapped out of their energy. The long
evening looms ahead with their daily homework to be tackled and extra classes
to be held with their respective home tutors. In any case,
the sight before me is a beautiful mess altogether biting gums of differed huesstudded
on the concretelike diamonds on jewellery”, joined by individuals’ discarded
litter and crisp packets lying stranded on the ground.


If one would hit this enthralling paradise,
he/she would surely indulge with the liveliness, hubbub and aura of this park.



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