Page 1:             Hi everybody! My name is Huckleberry Finn.  I’m 14 years old and live in St. Petersburg Missouri.   I’m here to tell ya ’bout my very exciting story.  And so, let the adventure begin… Page 2:            I don’t have no guardians so I was adopted by two sisters named Miss Watson and the Widow Douglas.  Miss Watson is mean and very strict but the Widow Douglas at least tries to be nice and kind to me.

  They both tryna’ teach me manners and how to be a good boy, but that don’t matter to me.  I just wanna adventure.    Page 3:              Miss Watson has this man who does stuff for her like clean and work in the yard.  His name is Jim.

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  Miss Watson isn’t very nice to Jim and he always looks sad and tired.  Maybe all he wants is an adventure to leave his life behind too.  Page 4:            I also got my ole Pap.  He was most fifty, and he looked it.  His hair was long and tangled and greasy, and hung down.  He is such a grumpy mean old man who’s so cruel to me.

  He don’t care about me and he barely even cares about his own life.     Page 5:            All I wanna do is leave this boring life of mine with the Widow and Miss Watson and that scary feeling of being near Pap. I want an adventure and some  freedom! Fakin’ my own death is the only way I can escape.  But how I’m gonna do it is the only question… Page 6:             As I was thinkin’ real hard about how to fake my death, I thought of just the thing! I’ll kill a pig and pretend it was me who actually died and then I’ll escape with no one knowin’.

Then I’ll be able to take a raft down the Mississippi River and stop at Jackson island for a few days.  That’s how my adventure will start.   Page 7:            I was bout’ to board the raft and leave my life behind and I was so excited yet so scared.  What if someone were to find me and bring me back to a life that I just can’t live.  But  I told myself not to think ’bout that right now and just focus on escapin’.   As I was waitin’ on the raft, and thinkin’ ’bout when I should leave, I decided that I’ll leave when it gets real dark, then I’ll head out on the river to Jackson’s Island.

 Page 8:             As the moon rose and it got dark outside, I began to get goin’ on my adventure down the river.  After a while, I took a break because I was tired of rowin’. But later, I woke up to Pap fishin’ near to where I was rowin’.  I jumped up in my canoe and began rowin’ down the river as quickly as possible so he wouldn’t catch me. I woke up the next mornin’ on Jackson’s where no one would find me. Page 9:            I was walkin’ around, explorin’ the island, and surprisingly I found Jim! I said,  “Hey there Jim! Whatchya doin’ here?”  Jim screamed,  “Oh my! Don’t hurt me please, you ghost!”  But I says,  “I’m no ghost Jim, I’m alive!”  “Really? Well thank God! I’s thought you was dead!” exclaimed Jim.

   “No I faked my own death to get out of my ole’ and borin’ life.  I just’ wanna adventure.  Wanna adventure with me, Jim?”  He calmly said back to me, I guess so, let’s see where the raft takes us boy…” Page 10:            I was walkin’ around, explorin’ the island, and surprisingly I found Jim! I said,  “Hey there Jim! Whatchya doin’ here?”  Jim screamed,  “Oh my! Don’t hurt me please, you ghost!”  But I says,  “I’m no ghost Jim, I’m alive!”  “Really? Well thank God! I’s thought you was dead!” exclaimed Jim.   “No I faked my own death to get out of my ole’ and borin’ life.  I just’ wanna adventure.  Wanna adventure with me, Jim?”  He calmly said back to me, I guess so, let’s see where the raft takes us boy…” Page 11:            After a while down the river, Jim and I started to get worried that people are out on the hunt for us.

  Jim and I decided I should go into town to find out what is going on, but I have to go in disguise or else I’ll be recognized. So, I’ll go into town, dressed up as a girl… Page 12:             I was looking around town to try and find someone to get information from about what is going on. And here, I met Judith Loftus, she spilled everything… She said that there was a $300 reward for Jim and a $200 reward for Pap because they are both accused for the disappearance of Huck Finn.

I thought to myself that I needs to go tell Jim immediately so we can row far away where no one will be able to find us.  I ran back and I says to Jim, they’re after us! Page 13:             We were sailing down the river and we saw a wrecked steamboat ahead. I wanted to go inside and explore it!  I wanted to see if there were things to steal like money and food, but instead I saw some robbers.  I told Jim all about what happened inside the wreck and at the ferryboat, and I said these kinds of things was adventures; but he said he didn’t want no more adventures.  Jim was scared, he didn’t wanna be caught runnin’ round when he supposed to be stayin’ wit’ Miss Watson.  That could get him in big trouble and he didn’t wanna risk it no more. Page 14:              Jim and I wanted to go to Cairo so we can sell out raft, hop on a steamboat on the Ohio River, and set sail to the free states! But then as we was rowing we were caught in a big and thick fog.

  We ended up passin’ Cairo and we were hit by  a paddlewheeler.  We got thrown overboard, and as I was struggling’ to get my head above water, I realized I couldn’t find Jim! I had lost him! Page 15:             I finally had come to shore, but I was in a place I’d never seen before.  There was a house and so I went to see if I could get some help but as soon as I stepped on their property I heard an angry shouting.  Be done, boys! Who’s there?  I didn’t move a muscle; they sounded so furious I was scared they were gonna hurt me.  But all they did was question me until they knew I was not tryna hurt them. They told me their name was the Grangerfords.  They was a big family with nice things and a huge home.

  And they were nice to me too.  One in particular names Buck who was a little older than me. Page 16:             They told me why they were so scared to let me into their home and they said they were worried I was a part of a family by the name of the Sheperdsons.  They told me they were in a feud with them.

  I didn’t’ know what’s a feud was but it didn’t’ sound too good to me.   Page 17:             The next day the families were so mad and each other and were  fighting all day. I was so scared I hid in a tree.  When I thought the fight was over I went down to find my buddy Buck but all I seen was him lyin’ on the ground, he had died.

  I cried a little when I was covering up Buck’s face, for he was mighty good to me.      Page 18:            As I began to get up from cryin’ over Buck, I heard a voice behind a tree.  It was Jim’s voice!  I had never been happier to hear his voice.

  We immediately began rafting down the river leadin’ us to our next adventure.  Page 19:            After a bit down the river we came across a Duke and a King.  They said they’s were royalty and said we should be very respectful to them.

  They  joined us on our ride down the river but they wasn’t really much of a help.  They just slept on our most comfortable beds while me and Jim had to keep watch all night.  I secretly knew they were just pretendin’ to be royalty but I didn’t say nothin’ ’cause I didn’t wanna cause no trouble. Page 20:            Every night, the Duke and the King told Jim and I we were responsible for keeping look out.  When it was Jim’s turn, I would usually stay awake too.

  One night, when we was both keepin’ lookout, Jim looked like he was gonna cry.  He was just sittin’ there thinkin’ and cryin’, but ’bout what?  I realized Jim was missin’ his family and that he wanna get them back.  I really began to feel bad for Jim and from now on, all I wanted to do was help him.

    Page 21:             As we were making our way to another town, Jim was worried that if we leave him here on this raft, he would be a recognizable slave. We don’t wanna have Jim be taken away so the Duke dressed him up as a sick Arab to disguise himself so he doesn’t’ look like a runaway slave.  Page 22:             As we were travelin’ to another town, the King met a very chatty boy who gave him the gossip ’bout a dead old man named Peter Wilks.  Peter left all his property to his dear ‘ole brothers, so of course, the Duke and the King wanted to find out more about this Wilks family because they were into all kinds of riches.   Page 23: (164)We got to the Wilks home where three of Peter Wilk’s nieces were thinkin’ that the Duke and the King were their uncles they’d be waitin’ for.  Well, by and by the king he gets up and comes forward a little, and works himself up and slobbers out a speech, all full of tears and flapdoodle.

 He was tellin’ her that they were their uncles, Harvey and William Wilks, so they could steal all of their riches!  They were bein’ frauds!    Page 24:            After I was talkin’ with one of the Wilks sisters, I felt bad for not confessin’ that the men were goin’ to take girls’ money. So, I wanted to find that money and bring it back to the girls. I went to get the money in their room, but I heard The Duke and the King comin’ so I hid so they wouldn’t see me. They were talkin’ ’bout stealing everything the Wilks had. So, after they left, I found that money and I took it to go hide it somewhere where they wouldn’t find it.  Page 25: (179)            I tried and tried to find a place to hide that money, but I couldn’t find one place.

Then, I saw Peter Wilks’ coffin and I knew I that would be the perfect place to hide that money. I tucked the money-bag under the lid, just down beyond where his hands was crossed, which made me creep, they was so cold, and then I run back across the room and in behind the door.   Page 26:             The next morning, I saw Mary Jane crying, but ’bout what? I started to talk to her and I accidentally told her the truth ’bout the Duke and King and how they were gonna take all the money from them. I told her that I’d help and I told her the place where I hid the money. After she left, the two men came around and said they was the real Harvey and William Wilks!  Page 27:            I thought to myself, oh gosh, now what’s gonna happen since these men are the real Harvey and William Wilks.

 Something has to be done so the Duke and the King don’t get away with this crime! A lawyer compared their signatures between all of the real brother and the Duke and the King, and Duke and King were caught in their lie! This was a good time for me to get outta here.  So, I ran back to the raft and Jim and I rowed away.  Page 28: (214)            Jim and I were on our way out but the Duke and King caught up to us.  They brought us to shore but as soon as they went into town, I went back to the raft but I couldn’t find Jim anywhere.

I found out that the men sold Jim as a runaway slave. I wrote to my good ‘ole buddy Tom Sawyer so he could tell Miss Watson where Jim was, but I also wouldn’t want her to sell Jim again. But I also I didn’t wanna be seen with a runaway slave! I came to the conclusion that Jim was my friend and he needs me!  So, I decided that I was goin’ to save Jim and do the right thing even if I’ll go to the bad place.  Page 29:            I found the Phelps’ house where Jim was sold to and I walked over there, but a bunch of hounds came at me.

A lady named Sally called them over and she saw me but she thought I was her nephew, Tom Sawyer. So, I pretended to be Tom so Sally wouldn’t be suspicious of why I was away from Miss Watson.  Page 30:             Tom came up the road and was shocked to see that I was alive. I told him that I was pretendin’ to be him so he had to pretend to be his brother Sid so I wouldn’t get caught in my lie.  I asked him if he could help me free Jim and he agreed. Later that night after dinner, Tom and I snuck out to find Jim. Tom thought of a plan to free Jim by getting the key to Jim’s shed, but we had to convince his cell keeper to let us see him.

It all worked out and we told Jim we’d dig him out. Boy was he happy.  Page 31:             The plan to dig up Jim didn’t go very well with the knives and pick axes, so we gathered spoons, tin plates, and candlesticks instead. That night, we finally got to Jim and Tom convinced Nat, the cell keeper, to let us make a witch pie in order to stop the witches from haunting Jim. We made one for Nat to give to Jim.  Jim finally had a chance to run away and in order to make it stay that way, Tom wrote to the Phelps as an unknown person sayin’ that someone was gonna take Jim away and not to try and stop it or else…! This would make them be afraid of what would happen if they did try and make sure Jim didn’t get taken. Page 32:            After the Phelps got the letters, farmers with guns gathered outside the house.

I needed to warn Tom and Jim, but the farmers started to attack the shed. We slipped through the hole in the wall, made it to the canoe and set down the river to get the hidden. Tom had a wound from one of the framers, so I had find a doctor and bring him to Tom. The doctor came and checked Tom while Jim risked his life and helped Jim too instead of escaping for his own good.  Page 33:             Jim was caught for bein’ in the open when he was helpin’ Tom and he was gettin’ treated very badly by the farmers.

 But then the doc told the farmers that Jim sacrificed his freedom so that Tom could get help and stay alive.  So, they stopped bein’ mean to Jim and helped him out all he wanted.  During all this, Tom was knocked out from bein; hurt so bad… Page 34:             Tom woke up and thought that Jim was set free, but he looked over and saw Jim was still here. But Tom told Aunt Sally that Miss Watson died two months ago and in her will she said that Jim should be free.

 So, Aunt Sally let him go.  Then Tom confessed everything… He told her all about how I pretend to be him and how we dug Jim out and wrote the letters. She was baffled but the moment was interrupted when Aunt Polly came into the room where we were.  She only came here to yell at me and Tom and to say that our adventures are over.  Tom stayed here and got better and Aunt Sally adopted me.

  But that’s not what I really wanted….  Page 35:            And that’s how my story of my adventure ended, but I wish there could be so much more to tell…           


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