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0px}span.s1 {font-kerning: none}   Annie leibovitz birthday is october 2 1949 is 68 in waterbury connecticut                 Her father was in the air force the family move to frequently she took her first.                Photography in the phillppines in the vietnam war she went to study palnting in san francisco art institute is work at the rolling stone magazine within three years she named tne magazine chlef photography in 1983 moved to vanity during the decade other artists              The rolling stone their tour 75 photography the limit album cover in 1978 it the 19991 the pregnant actress  Demi moore her portatit of the John lennon and Joko ono oneof the most famous rolling stone cover only hours after lebovltv the couple Lennon killed      Annie Leibovitz brooklyn acdemy of music and the mark morris dance group with mikhail baryshnikv she books like annie leibovitz   in over sized volume pubished by techer in 2014 she did stuff for voge and other big magazine and she did all of people like the kardashisan and gwen stefani and annie hathaway and more one period in her lived she did bob dylan and bob marley and patti smith the pad the band her produced iconic black and white              Leibovitz met susan sontag in 1989 while photograping writer book AIDS dinner her and sweating through my clothes  The New york times last year sontag said her you are good you could be better  the two separate their in 19993 teenage boy just killed by a sniper and basic training and las vegas showgirls in the out costum.                 Leibovitz father were to a surrogate on 2005 she first starting out in the 70 35 millmeter camera tri x in the 2000 Leibovitz among the frist group of americans be designated in the library congress work american music in the 2003 at work producing debt 24 millon which she was sured 2009 she portrait the first family the pres barack obama with his wife michelle and their daughters sasha and malia released to pubilc later in the year                     Between 2011 Leibovitz the chance to the photograph royalty in 2007 official portrait photographer the Queen Elizabeth first state vistit in 16 years american to asked make official of the royal l has spoken the honour felt.                            Museum held in 2012 museum went to acquire 64 work its permanent collection she april 25 2008 that 15 year old miley cyrus posed topless for a shoot with vanity fair she took part in photo that was upposed be artistic now seeing photgraphs and the story feel embarrassed any of this happen to my fan care so deeply about me in october 2001 Had and exhibit in moscow interview rossiya her explained her photography style new york historical society an exhibit work based on her book work called women 10 cities worldwide new portraits commissioned ubs  changed in the roles today includes work               Her first on serah was born october 2001 in july 2006 art capital group filed breach of contract lawsuit for 24 millon the greenwich properties at 755-757 thus the new york city landmarks in july 2009 the art capital group lady dior. The 1980 new style of the lighting use of bold colors poses got a positions with vanity fair magzine .

        since 1977 Leibovitz  images been by contact press images based in new york city.


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