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Nowadays people are not very careful when they drive. Driving should be taken very seriously because in a matter of seconds, horrible things can happen. Every year, a stunning number of people lose their life while driving a car. I believe there are some activities that drivers might do that are very dangerous.
First of all, we all know that drinking alcohol and then driving is a bad idea. In fact, this activity is considered illegal, but people is still doing it. Normally, when someone is drunk, this person are not aware of cars or people on the road. This becomes dangerous not only for the driver, but also it becomes so dangerous for the people around the driver. For example, I saw in the news that a guy crashed his car into a school bus because he was drunk. Unfortunately, two kids inside the bus died. Later, the guy went to jail, and he said things just happened too fast. If people consume alcoholic drinks, the brain is not working as it’s supposed to be working. 
Secondly, using a cellphone while driving is a common activity, and it is extremely dangerous too. The world is always active, and between texting, emails, and other social apps, people can stare at their phone for hours. However, when people are concentrated on their phones, not only are their attention elsewhere, but also are their eyes and hands. They can be watching videos, commenting to their friends, and scrolling down to find something interesting on their phones. In fact, people who drive while using their phones drive 5 to 6 m/h slower. It is easy to get distracted and therefore get into a car accident. And normally when people do make mistakes on roads, they often blame the wrong things.
Finally, driving angry can be a very dangerous activity to do. People don’t realize how badly they are driving when they are emotionally hurt. For instance, people can drive faster when they are angry. Perhaps it’s caused by personal problems or arguments, and it can result in terrible crashes. Therefore, it’s dangerous because not only is he not aware of driving fast because he is lost in his own feelings, but also he may not pay attention to people or other drivers on the road. For instance, if a couple has an argument in the morning before one of them drive to work, they are more likely to go faster and driver more aggressively. In other words, drivers are concentrated on their own thoughts, it caused them to hit someone or something. Drivers should keep calm while driving. Also, if they are not feeling up to driving, they should let someone else drive for them.
In conclusion, driving can be very challenging when we are not doing things right such as being under influence of the alcohol, using cell phones, and driving angry can increased changes in fatal accidents. Finally, driving is important in our daily lives, and it is an activity that everyone does. However, if you people do it wrong, it could cause terrible disasters. 

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