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Carney Period 8Lisa Kristine Lisa Kristine was born on September 2, 1965 in San Francisco, California and is still  based there today. Her photography career, that has spanned over a course of over thirty years, began when she was only 11 years old. During her youth, she worked and was mentored at Silver Gelatin and Cibachrome and from there she went on to Graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. From her early life she also started traveling and later in her life would visit places all over the world to over 100 countries and six continents that would be documented through her humanitarian photography.

  Lisa Kristine is most known for her photographs that not only strike the viewer with visuals, but also a meaning and a message that she hopes to spread and advocate through her work. She advocates human rights, social change, and global security, specifically the end of modern slavery as well as the unification of humanity. Kristine published her first book in 2003. It was entitled A Human Thread and included 120 of her limited edition photos. This book that sold out in less than a year jump-started her career.

In 2009 at the Vancouver Peace Summit, she was the sole exhibitor and was able to spread her message to people of much stature and importance. In 2010 she was given the opportunity to collaborate with Free the Slaves and was able to travel and experience first hand the horrors of modern day slavery. During this project, she took pictures that she would later put out in a photographic book entitled Slavery that perfectly represented her heart-wrenching message that she works to spread to people all around the world. The proceeds from this were given to the cause of ending the slavery that she pictured.  Not only does Kristine spread her message through photography but she is also quite known for preaching her message on public platforms such as CNN, TED events, NGO’s business conferences, as well as various museums, colleges, and universities. Through her art and public speeches, Kristine has spread awareness to topics that aren’t talked about often and she doesn’t plan on stopping here.

In the years to come she plans to continue to preach her knowledge and spread her message in order to make a change in our world.   I like this photo because it has part of the photo in focus and we can see up close detail, but there is still a part that is not focused. This also makes it a good photo as it makes it unique and adds depth.  I like this picture because there is a lot of emotion that is captured in it. It is a good photo Because the black and white adds really nice contrast to the details.  This is a good picture and I like it because it shows a lot of emotion in the simple portrait. It also does well to show the message that Kristine wants to promote.This photograph shows a very relevant struggle for thousands of people.

Kristine used this photo to raise awareness and spread her message to further her cause.  This image demonstrates a part of a very unique and rich culture that not everyone would be exposed to in their daily lives.  


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