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0px 0.0px 0.0px; line-height: 14.1px; font: 14.0px ‘Minion Pro’; color: #2d2829}span.s1 {font: 12.0px ‘Minion Pro’; color: #000000} The era of Modernism and its impact on the evolution of art branches off into various movements.

Plakatstil is an early style for poser art in the modernism movement that showed the impact of minimalism art with advertising. Lucian Bernhard helped contribute to the development of modern art with this style. Through little training and being mostly self-taught he opened his own studio. This style created simplified yet eye catching works of art for consumers.

 Undoubtedly, Lucian Bernhard was one of the most important German poster artists in this time with advertising and designing posters. He was born in 1883 born to a Jewish family in Stuttgart Germany. Originally with the name of Emil Kuhn, his name was later changed in 1905. Bernhard had two sons Manfred and Karl and a daughter named Ruth who was a renowned photographer. When developing his own style and with the inspirations of the colors of his inspired artists, Bernhard repainted the walls and furniture of his house just to be thrown out and disowned by his father. Later, with his studies he had left his wife and children in Germany along with his studio as he was drawn in by the opportunities New York had opened up for him. This movement in art with modernism had him to make sacrifices of leaving his family in order to develop his own skills that would later show an impact on Plakatsil poster art.

 Furthermore, during his brief training at Akademie Art Academy in Munich he was able to learn a little about art and design before he went off to Berlin in 1901. Lucian Bernhard was largely a self-taught artist and later became a professor at Akademie Art Academy where he had previously attended. Those who had a strong influence on his poster making were James Pryde and William Nicolson. They had influenced his views on design and color that he later incorporated into his own pieces, developing his own style and determining the paths in his own life and in his art from the beginning. Additionally, during this time in the 1900s, roughly between 1908 and 1933, the Plakatsil Modernism movement was developed with bold lettering that catches the eye with flat colors, shapes and objects that are composed to simplify an object.

This allows you to focus on the central idea of what’s being advertised. With his works in advertising posters he had been able to develop and create some of the “most recognizable American business advertising and “trademarks. (Art Market) Some of his most famous works include The Pelican Typewriter Ribbon, Adler Typewriters, Poster for Priester Matches, Stiller Shoes and the Mandolo Dandy Poster. These posters all have in common the idea that they’re focused on one target object or idea and how the poster is layout and composed to be a simple yet eye-catching advertisement. Overall, in the Modernism movement of art, Plakastil (German poster style) helped changed and develop a new, minimalistic style of art for advertising.

Lucian Bernhard had a major influence on developing this style of poster art and sought out to achieve his influences in art with the path he took in his life. Being largely self-taught but inspired by others allowed for his style to progress. This created eye-catching advertisements for consumers.

This movement created and change in advertising and allowed the use of design and minimalism to influence consumers choices with art. 


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