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s1 {font-kerning: none}ul.ul1 {list-style-type: disc}It can be seen from latest research that most of the worlds population is living in cities and that number is increasing by the day. To cope with such a vastly growing urbanisation todays cities cant just grow in size, but they also need to become smarter.

The main aim of smart cities is to optimise the use of resources while identifying different ways to improve and make our  day-to-day lives better. The smart city is a generalised topic which has many specialised areas such as smart cars, smart home, smart environment etc.The definition of smart cars has changed drastically in the past few year. The Smart cars in todays world are not only connected to the internet, but also provide other rich services such as automated driving, precaution system, solar rooftops to recharge car batteries, driverless cars and many more. These smart cars and roads use Cyber physical components in them and these components rely on Internet of Things as their platform.But as the technology in these automobiles increase it also increases the security challenges that must be taken into consideration.

The main concern is if the owner loses the control of the vehicle to someone else over the internet that could be harmful. Some of the other security issues that smart cars have are as follows: Lack of security in the Navigation and entertainment System of the smart cars.Using devices to intercept communication between cars. There were some serious vulnerabilities found in the Mirror link protocol. Some of the basic measures that could be taken into consideration to avoid such attacks are as follows : Regularly updating software and operating system.Using Proper security mechanisms at all endpoints.Staying updated with the latest news and measures on the topic.


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