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0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000}span.s1 {font-kerning: none}The term ‘Vocational’ derived from ‘vocation’, having its literal meaning of a strong suitability for a occupation. The vocational and skill development courses aim at developing a skill in a more practical and less theoretical manner.

These constitutes non-academic practical based programs whose main target is workers, educated unemployed youth, poor women and unemployed rural youth, so that a certification with formal training in a specific field could be imparted post secondary or higher education, which makes a student capable enough for self-employment or to start an own business.Certain courses which are high in demand include Yoga, Carpenting, Textile Designing, Tourism, Photography, Computer Hardware, Painting, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Health Care, Hospitality and Tourism, Management, Beauty, Advertisements, Software Development, Mobile Repairing, Cooking, Spoken English, Agriculture, Food Processing etc. These vocational courses are generally offered in following forms, namely; diploma, degree and certificate.

These can be pursued from various government aided and private institutions based in India and abroad as well.One of the renowned government institutions of India, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University (MJPRU), Bareilly, established in 1975 after diverging from Agra University, offers courses in varied departments  from Engineering, Management, Applied Sciences, Humanities and Vocational Courses,MJPRU, bearing motto of ‘Keep Moving ahead’, is a Uttar Pradesh Government University with affiliations to UGC and NAAC with 450 affiliated colleges across the state. Due to its fully connectivity via road, through public transport(railways and buses), it is easily accessible from all the four directions. It has modern research centres with museums, hostels are equipped with 24*7 Internet connectivity and NSS camps are also integral part of this elite university. Having huge infrastructure with giant library and academic records make its name amongst well-placed universities of India.The government aided university offers vocational courses in 8 distinct trades, which include Yoga Education, Women Empowerment and Development, Entrepreneurship Development, Tourism, Textile Designing, Clay Modelling (Sculpture Art), Computer Application, Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Photography and T.V. and Video Production.

The various aspects are explained below.Yoga eDucation – Yoga, is an ancient Indian technique to discipline physically, mentally and spiritually. It helps finding your soul in this busy and competitive world. The vocational course on Yoga constitutes the study of Asans, with emphasis on its benefits, right time to do, proper surroundings, technique, target group so that with proper supervision its benefits could be leveraged to a greater extent. This course would lend you a Yoga centre at home, or would make you capable enough to serve socially as a Yoga teacher.Women empowerment -The women empowerment and development is like sailing a boat on ice.

Seeing the crucial issues like domestic violence, corruption, poverty, heinous crimes against women, gender equality is of utmost importance in this male dominating world. With this vocational course, women would be capable of seeing themselves economically independent, good decision-makers and would contribute to society by helping others also. This course would definitely help women in realising, utilising and enjoying the right to liberty. Once fully enlightened with knowledge, she can make decisions for herself and society. With proper exposure in this course, the already born managers will help reduce poverty, earn more respect and contribute towards growth of society.TourismIn this era of over-hyped world, spending time with self or family  or friends at hill stations, forests, religious places, beaches, forts, metropolitan cities etc. is a therapy.

And if this therapy begs you a penny each time on roaming, then this rejuvenates more and work as an icing on the cake. This course would help you learn tactics of seeing the natural beauty from your eyes first and then let others see it through your eyes. As you impress more tourists, you would help in foreign exchange, thus poverty is reduced and economic growth of country also improves. Not only this course on Tourism creates employment for you but also for others, thus, inter cultural relationships are enhanced and bonds get strengthened.Textile designing’-We all agree with famous saying ‘Old is Gold’  but in this hustle-bustle world, inspiration is needed to carve out new out of old with innovative ideas. This profession would also teach the basics of knitting, embroidery, lacing etc. The course would make you learn about designing textiles keeping in mind the cultural dependency, using attractive designs, colors, paintings etc.

which can be utilised on persons and furnishings as well.Computer applicationIn todays Internet world, everything is on-demand, right from banking to enrolling to ordering etc. Thus, application of computers in our routine life is something we can’t live without. This course would assist you in establishing your basics in computers, crux of Bachelor of Technology and using them for purposes like building websites, storing data and using it for filtering and analytics. Future technologies like Big data are totally dependent on Computers.

 Fashion designing – The course on Fashion designing is something which is totally dedicated to making statements in the world of limelights. This would help you learn ethics of fashion, patterns suitability, gender specific, age specific, region specific etc with some twists and turns according  to your imagination. This is one of the hyped profession in terms of money.

Interior designingIn this temporary world, we have the right to live lavishly, considering this, designing your home in the beset way has been of utmost importance. Thus, this course would help you learning the basics of managing and decorating the premises, homes or offices so that it could bring more happiness and healthy living. This course includes specialisation in designing of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc. The main focus is on utilising the space to the best of its way keeping in mind the proper ventilation, cleanliness and availability of material and budget of course.

Photography- In this fast developing world, the only treasure we can leave for our children is memories, thus, capturing the moments for cherishing them till long. This course on Photography will make you capable for clicking the moments keeping in mind the  factors according to occasions. This profession is just like capture the moment what you can’t paint and represent it as a gift to the clients. As we see during almost any celebration, everybody needs themselves to be captured, so this would definitely beg you great money and make your passion as a profession in a very graceful manner.In this modern era of on-demand everything, vocational courses make availability of skilled manpower at a very less cost and time but great experience and understanding.

As, ours country is famous for agriculture, thus certain government courses offer Vocational Degree in Agriculture and Food Processing, so that the talent remains in India and problem of brain drain could also be combatted. 


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