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s1 {font-kerning: none} The movie talks about a story of the 1920s, which tells us about Gatsby’s American dream. The story take Gatsby and Daisy’s love as the main line, streaked with the marriage between Tom and Daisy and the secret love between Tom and Mrs Wilson. Gatsby gave everything to his beloved woman Daisy, even his life, while Daisy only interested in money and only cares about herself. In the past, she chose Tom for money, After she met Gatsby again, she chose love to Gatsby because of money. Finally, in order to keep herself safe, she pushed the charged to Gatsby and left him.The film restores an authentic 1920s which visually stunning the audience. The production team must have spent a lot of money and effort on the costumes, props and settings. Gatsby’s villa looks gorgeous and exquisite luxury.

Gatsby’s car is obviously the possession of the people from upper class. In the party, everyone dressed beautifully. It creates a special feeling of the 1920s. Besides, the background music, character’s style are very suitable for the creation of jazz age. It’s great to be able to do this early in the movie.For the actors, the movie uses some famous actors. Like Robert Redford who plays Jay Gatsby in the movies, he achieved a lot of awards in the movie area around the world.

Mia Farrow who plays Daisy Buchanan in the movie, she is the daughter of the director John Farrow. Because of their fame, their fans will go to the cinema to watch the movie played by their idol, that’s the effect of superstars. Although Lois Chiles who plays Jordan Baker in the movie is not as famous as those main characters, her acting skill is good, she performed Jordan’s confidence and mystery.However, these famous actors didn’t perform well in this movie. Their emotional expression does not appropriate. Their expressions are too grandiose which magnify the mood of the real character.

It is some inconsistency with reality. Especially when Mrs.Wilson knocks on the window and the glass is broken, the blood appeared on her hand very sudden and the blood is frozen immediately which a not match with the situation in real life. For the terms of expressing feeling, when Gatsby and Daisy meet again after so many years, Gatsby should be very happy and excited, he finally meets his beloved woman, but Robert didn’t control his emotion very well, so I didn’t get the exciting feeling when I watch the movie. In addition, Mia is also not very suitable for the character Daisy.

The role of Daisy should be a very beautiful and sexy woman, otherwise, how can two men jealous of her. However, I think Mia is not beautiful enough, including her Patsy Kensit who played Daisy’s daughter is also not beautiful enough, I can’t get a kid’s innocent and lively in the movie.Looking through the whole movie, it is too similar to the original book, which makes the movie lack the freshness and surprise. Besides, the movie loses some important part in the book. First, the movie did not Gatsby’s American dream, it is a very significant them in the novel. Second, the green light in the movie is not obvious. I even ignore the existence of the green light when I watch the movie. If the audience only watches the movie, they cannot catch up the meaning of the green light.

It should be a symbol of Daisy, representing Gatsby’s love to Daisy and also his American dream, but the film does not show it. When Robert stand in front of Gatsby’s villa and try to touch the green light, it seems on purpose, the audience will think he is silly to do such things.The most serious problem of the movie is that it uses too much monologue, although it is a good way to advance the storyline. The story of the movie should use dialogue to push the storyline instead of monologue, in any movies, dialogue should always be the most important part. In this movie, the director should try to minimize the monologue and use the dialogue to push the story forward.In the movie, I do not like two characters, one is Tom, another one is Daisy. They are very selfish. For Tom, he already married with Daisy, but he loved another lady outside.

He allows himself betray the marriage but not allow his wife love other men. For Daisy, she only loves money, in her mind, only herself is important. In the past, she married with Tom because Tom is rich and Gatsby is poor.

Afterwards, she met Gatsby again, and Gatsby become much richer than Tom, so she wants to go back to Gatsby. Finally, in order to keep herself safe, she pushed the charged to Gatsby and left him. When Gatsby died for Daisy, she did not feel any guilty to Gatsby. In conclusion, I do not recommend to watch this movie.

Reading the book is much better than watching this movie, the novel gives a more clear, more vivid description of the characters, and the theme is more definite. If someone really does not like spend the time to read a book, The movie in the version of Leonardo released in 2013 is more recommended.


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