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0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-align: center; font: 28.0px ‘Helvetica Neue’; color: #011993; -webkit-text-stroke: #011993} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} Minimalism, as per the Collins Dictionary means – a style in which a small number of very simple things are used to create a particular effect.

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I have chosen to base my research off of this question – How do we practice minimalism at an individual level to practice sustainable living?’ ┬ábecause we are depleting our natural resources far faster than the rate at which they get replenished. On earth, we are still in the initial stages of recycling and using renewable sources of energy but the advancement isn’t as fast as the rate at which we deplete our resources. I feel as though minimalism is a way we can slowly help in making a world where all our sources aren’t used. p.

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s1 {font-kerning: none} span.s2 {font-kerning: none; background-color: #ffff00} span.s3 {font-kerning: none; background-color: #ffffff} We as humans are constantly striving for the betterment of the society, be it technological advancements, scientific advancements, and other advancements.

What we do not realise is that while we are advancing toward a more informed and efficient world, we are using and exploiting all of our resources. From fancy clothes to fast cars, minimalistic living is living only with necessities rather than unimportant materialistic possessions. This in turn gives us a clutter free world, where there is place and time to pursue our passions, declutter life, be happier and also lead to a debt free world.


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