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0px ‘Times New Roman’; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000; min-height: 15.0px}span.s1 {font-kerning: none}The article that I have chosen for my assignment is ‘Young Adults and ‘Binge Drinking’ : A Bakhtinian analysis by Chris Hackley. The article mainly talks about the role of alcohol in the lives of the young adults and the changes in the drinking culture in UK as well as all over the world.

I chose this essay mainly because I personally feel that binge drinking and intoxication specially among young adults is a serious issue that needs to be looked upon and should not be taken ‘casually’.”Young Adults and ‘Binge’ Drinking is mainly a literary analysis of the role of alcohol in the social lives of the young adults in the UK. 89 young adults of mixed ethnicity , occupation , class and gender aged between 18-25 in four geographical locations in the UK between 2006 and 2007 were interviewed and asked to discuss their social lives and narrate one drunk story of theirs. Discussions focused mainly on going out and alcohol consumption which emerged as a central feature. The intention of the essay was not to underplay the personal and social consequences of damaging patterns of drinking , but to analyse UK’s drinking patterns. However after reading the essay it is pretty evident that UK’s drinking patterns do give cause for concern and insights into extreme drinking as a culture phenomenon should be necessary.

(Hackley, C., Bengry-Howell, A., Griffin, C., Mistral, W., Szmigin, I. and Hackley, R. A.

, 2013) All the student narrated quite lengthy, exciting and extraordinary stories to the group around experiences of extreme drinking which were recieved with rapt attention, affirmative interjections  and recited laughter. Though the stories appeared to be meaningless, humorous, comic and absurd, they all seemed to have a relevant meaning behind them and had a number of themes that were recurring. All the stories appeared to be dangerous, reckless and irresponsible, yet they were greeted with warm , affirmative and collegiate laughter.  All the stories told by the students consisted of extreme levels of alcohol consumption with the main character being extremely drunk or intoxicated, affirming that the idea of ‘drinking’ and the culture of intoxication has been taken of granted by the young people. (Hackley, C., Bengry-Howell, A., Griffin, C., Mistral, W.

, Szmigin, I. and Hackley, R. A., 2013.)The essay opens up with a story narrated by the 21 year old Bill who  clearly portrays how intoxication and binged drinking is taken lightly by the young adults and they do not seem to be concerned about the consequences. Though Bill’s story appears to be extremely humorous and nonsensical it seems to have a deeper meaning behind it. Bill’s story clearly narrates how binge drinking and intoxication is now considered to be completely ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’.

  It mainly shows how the young adults nowadays get extremely drunk and completely lose their consciousness and memory without caring about the consequences. We can see how Bill’s friend gets extremely drunk to the point that he has no memories of his night and ends up passing out on the beach with half of his body submerged in the sand and was only woken up by the ‘Japanese seaside muggers” who had actually come to rob him. The Japanese seaside muggers and the comet mainly represent the darker (and negative) side of this free – flowing sociality and the exposure to risk and the danger of assault when drunk. Other stories too related the debasement of bodies , the profane , the comic , the comically profane and the post binge exhaustion on of sobriety , and a cycle of symbolic death through alcoholic self – obliteration and consequent renewal. Even after hearing Sheila’s story , it is pretty evident as to how intoxication and extreme drinking is now considered to be extremely normal and how getting ‘drunk’ is now considered to be necessary to enjoy a party. She clearly tells us bout how she goes out and drinks a lot until she’s sloshed and doesn’t know what she’s doing or who she is with. She continues to drink until she blackens out and doesn’t remember a thing.

  there have been many such stories that involve nudity and promiscuity. Alcohol related sexual assault is a common oc­currence on college campuses and on average, at least 50% of college students’ sexual assaults are associated with alcohol use. (Abbey A, 2002)Further it was felt that the stories narrated by the young adults had an event of Bakhtin’s (1984, 2009) folk and carnival humour which stands in opposition to the official conventions and moves of the day.

The narratives seem to resonate powerfully with Bakhtinian carnival themes. All the stories serve as a rich comic material for subversive and parodic carnival laughter. All the drunk stories narrated by the student seem to be very similar to be Bakhtinian sense of carnival. After conducting the research it can be easily said that intoxication and carnival appear to be very similar to one another and the themes of the stories can be compared to the Bakhtinian themes of carnival.



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