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Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre} The author of the book 1984, was written by Eric Arthur Blair but he is better known by his pen name, George Orwell. He is also the writer of other famous books such as the Animal Farm. Nineteen Eighty-four was a book written in 1949. Late 1940’s and the early 1950’s was a time when the Cold War was becoming a serious threat to mankind.

1950’s was a time period where the tension between the world’s superpower was at its all-time high, creating new weapons of mass destruction. This was when people recognized that the greatest threat to mankind was themselves. Goerge Orwell is as qualified to write this book because of his experiences. He experienced a rise in power of communist dictators such as Stalin and Hitler. Orwell’s hatred towards Totalitarianism is what probably motived him to write 1984. Depicting what the world would look like under a Totalitarian government.  The book starts off with Winston Smith, who works in the Ministry of Truth, being surveilled by the Party.

Everything is controlled by the Party ranging from individuals thoughts by the Thought Police to the history of the country by the Ministry of Truth. The Party does all they can to discard everything associated with protesting against the Party. Winston is frustrated and upset about the Party’s oppression, illegally buys a diary where he writes his thoughts inside. He wanted to join a group called the Brotherhood, which tries to overthrow the Party. Winston believes that O’Brian is part of the Brotherhood and attempts to get close to him. Winston becomes aware of Julia, which he thinks that she works for the Thought Police and is trying to turn him in for his thoughtcrimes. But, out of surveillance, Julia gives him a piece of note that says “I love you.” Winston starts to have affairs with her out of surveillance of the Party.

O’Brian gives confirmation that he works for the Brotherhood and is trying to recruit new people into the Brotherhood to overthrow the government. O’Brian hands Julia and Winston a copy of The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, which covers ideas about ignorance is strength and war is peace. Julia and Winston read the book and learns about the theories presented in the book.

Then Winston and Julia is caught by the Thought Police of their thoughtcrimes and is sent to the Ministry of Love for interrogation. Winston is sent to Room 101 to face his worst fear: rats. His love for Julia is broken in front of his worst fear and betrays Julia. He then learns to love Big Brother.

The book’s main thesis is how the world will look like under Totalitarianism. The book is organized in a way where there are three books within the book and each book talks about the different state of mind he is in. The first book talks about his rebellious thoughts towards the Totalitarian government. The second book talks about his love for Julia and his rebellious acts against the government. The last book talks about how the government brainwashes people to such extent that they start to believe in things that are absolute nonsense. 


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