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0px 0.0px; font: 10.0px ‘FreightSans Pro Light’; color: #383738; -webkit-text-stroke: #383738; background-color: #ffffff}span.s1 {font-kerning: none}January 2018PERSONAL STATEMENTThis may be one of the more philosophical, whimsy personal statements you’ve read today but I’ve called many houses home and it’s taken me longer than I expected to get here. Along the last twenty something years I have met many of my strengths in various situations and it is upon reflection and not reaction of these that I have decided to apply as a medic. In Sweden we talk about a connective “read thread” in writing narrative and mine has shown itself in the recurring practice of caring for others. The fact that I am my calmest, strongest and arguably best self when chaos or adversity surround me only makes me more certain of the profession I aim to pursue.

The first six months of my Bachelors Degree I studied in New York City. I had never really lived in a city before and so I thought why not try one as electric and eclectic as this one. My time there was the most interesting learning experience of my still young life. As I attended Metropolitan College on Canal Street I was one of only a handful of caucasian students. Moreover, I was one of the younger students attending and worse, on a mission to achieve what I thought to be academic excellence.

The topics that confronted me in the classroom were English, American Politics and Sociology in which we each had  to openly speak about the societal and political structures of our modern world but when it came to myself there were a full set of silencing eyes staring right into mine. In this setting I learned from my own perspective how it felt to be marginalised but rather than caving to the expectancy I arose to the calling that I had to somehow earn the respect of my peers. I helped my willing classmates with their homework, held open doors, pulled out chairs, dressed casually, intentionally thanked my professors and every so often politely raised my hand to ask challenging questions. It took a strength within me to know myself, be confident in my intentions and maintain morale during the first few months but thankfully I left that school with some good friends and personal merits from all of my teachers. //// OR ////In my time of studying for a Bachelor’s Degree and later working in Advertising I split my time between New York and Los Angeles. What I enjoyed most about this experience was the variety of interaction living in such vast cities with a multitude of personalities and cultures, meanwhile studying different communication and societal theories in the safety of a classroom. I have always enjoyed the academically challenging subjects in school and finished at the very top of Pepperdine University as a Summa Cum Laude Graduate and a Member of the Golden Key Honour Society. While at university I was invited to present my design and research project at the Pepperdine Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement Symposium.

In a large hall standing next to studies in biochemistry, explorations into development psychology, extractions into ancient artwork and more I had the challenge to define myself as a valuable designer in a world of other creatives. To my surprise and many there on the day, there was an intrigue and refreshing aspect to the topic I was presenting amongst the severity of others, and so I had the honour to have some very scientifically focused individuals appreciate the critical thinking of a seemingly subjective process of design.I participated for two consecutive years in Project Serve, in which a small group travelled first to Dominican Republic to help  in education for one week and then to Fiji to assist on a medical team. The second mission trip in particular is one in which I found the willingness to really embrace the contribution modern medicine bestows on our world.

In supporting the experienced medics on my team I sought to understand and provide for the more basic requests of the people to the clinic while also finding a responsibility to meet the emotional needs as well as the physical with the challenge of language barriers and nonverbal communication of a new culture. This is where I also was taught the value of lighthearted humour in adversity though I understand this is both delicate and unique to every situation. As I found a comfort and confidence in working amongst a team of medics I came back from the trip second guessing my chosen degree but was not in a position at that time to pursue my inner compass.

In all of my past jobs I’ve been honoured or on occasion hired for being a “doer” and consequently it’s not been all that fulfilling for me to sit in front of a computer all day long. Lessons learned, I moved to London and co-founded a wellness company focused on curating holistic products from all over the world with a focus on conscious commerce and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Two year in, the hard work from development to growth has been very rewarding, press endorsed and opened opportunities to more influential projects that sway lives beyond our own reach. Above all, I have thrived on the long nights, looping deadlines, multitude of failures and the success of others.

It’s been a long race with sprints, at times replacing a well deserved sleep with a series of naps. It’s been fun and I’m so glad I’ve had a dear friend on the journey alongside with me.The closest I have gotten so far in fulfilling work is either sewing or Kinesiology. In both there is an active presence and use of my hands. Everyone in the medical field will have an opinion on the practice of Kinesiology, giving they know what it is, but let me say this – studying both foundation, practitioner and a required anatomy and physiology class I have been presented with a lot of compelling information about myself, my body and the relationships created there in-between. learnt a lot about myself in the journey and so it was perhaps more of a therapy for myself than one I aim to give others. Moreover, it gave me the most profound appreciation for the body I’ve experience yet and so it let me to seek more.

As for extracurricular actives I feel my life has been a long series of them. I play a lot of sports, anything with hitting a ball really is a great way for me to breathe and let out any stresses of the week gone or day ahead. Having always played team sports, I’ve thrived on the competition as well as morale, team spirit and understanding that not every day is your or your team mates best day.  Having said that, my favourite place in the world is home in the North of Sweden, being close to Nature and reconnecting with the natural state of myself is something I feel to be healing. With the demands of being a medic I imagine this will be the place I go to reflect and recharge, practice orienteering and the more basic survival challenges in life.

I hope to seek more voluntary opportunities this year though with such a passion for such experiences I have also promised myself to pursue a full-time career that is more aligned with what I yearn for. I want to be a medic for the stimulating profession that co-asides with it, for the many reasons that it is not a 9 to 5 job and that maintaining morale through the more difficult times will be a challenge I look forward to.I aspire to create and work in a space where anything is possible, to guide and be guided in a team that leverages the strength of each individual and where together we generate valuable insight, intellectual understanding and creative solutions for whatever the challenge ahead. 


I'm Erica!

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