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Anyone who has been a victim of a burglary knows how uneasy this experience can leave you feeling. Safety is one of the basic needs of humans, once this is tampered with then even carrying out day to day duties can get difficult. 
According to the dictionary, burglary is ‘the illegal entry of a building with intent to commit a crime, especially theft.’ Unfortunately, this occurs more often than it should in developing countries like Kenya. For this reason, preventative methods should be employed. Having insurance in Kenya is one of the ways in which an individual can protect themselves, their business from this crime.
The most important steps that one can take after a burglary has occurred is to contact the police and contact their insurance company. The police will help investigate the crime scene and start the process of finding the culprits. A police statement about the burglary will be required by the insurance company to get the ball rolling on reinstating the victim in accordance to their insurance policy. 
Burglary Insurance Policy is one of the insurance policies a person can get. Kenyan Alliance Burglary Insurance Policy provides a cover for your property in case of any incidents involving burglary and/or housebreaking into your premises. This cover will help you if there are heavy losses or damages to your property. Theft insurance would also cover similar damages. 
Burglary can occur in your home and it can also occur in your place of business. It is important to be protected in any case. This means getting insurance that covers your home and the valuables in it in the case of a home burglary. Property insurance is a wise cover to be under for anyone owning or renting a home or a business. This policy covers the structure itself as well as the contents inside it. Meaning both the building and the things inside it will stay protected if there is a burglary or theft. This policy could also cover natural disasters like floods, fire and earthquakes that cause damage to the property. 
Once the police have been notified and the insurance company as well, then a business owner should evaluate their security systems. This can include the security guards as well as any other form of security that was being used at the time of the burglary. This could help the owner understand where the security breach came from and allow them to find a way to strengthen the system. Once a place has been robbed once, there tends to be a second attack because the burglars know how the system works. Changing the system is an effective way to avoid a second hit. 
Ensure that neither you nor your employees discuss the robbery nor security measures taken with anyone until the police have signed off on it. This is because it could lead to tampering of evidence and/or more insecurity especially if the burglars have not been caught and they have access to the information being passed around.
Employees should also be trained on preventative methods before a burglary and how to handle the situation in case of another burglary. Drills can be carried out in order to give them more information. This keeps them safe, calm and more aware of their surroundings, which can go a long way in case of an attack to the business.
Burglary is not something that anyone, except trained professionals, can truly be ready for. Getting insured, taking security measures and being aware of how to deal with such situations is the only way to handle the unexpected. For more information, go to (insert link here)

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